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July 28, 2020

Dear Bacone College Campus Community,

Ya’a’t’eeh – Hello! I hope this message finds you healthy and safe.

Postponing the start of our semester is never an easy decision to make, as we value our Bacone College family and miss having you on campus. However, your health and safety are important to us, so we will continue adapting and changing with the current situation as best we can to honor your education, safety, health, and wellbeing.

As such, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the first day of classes for two weeks, making the new start date Wednesday, Aug. 26, 2020. This will have an impact on the semester’s schedule overall, pushing us later into December than we normally operate. A revised academic calendar will be released soon.

Revised Move-In Dates

New move-in dates for most residential students will be Aug. 23-25 with orientation on Tuesday, Aug. 25 at 10 a.m. via Zoom or in person. All new students and transfer students are required to attend orientation.

However, we will be able to allow move-in on the originally planned dates (Aug. 9-11) for any student athletes whose sports are in season this fall. Those student athletes should contact their coaches as soon as possible.

We will also honor specific emergency housing needs students may have to move in on earlier dates. Some situations that may allow students to move in earlier include non-refundable plane tickets already purchased and unsuitable or unsafe housing where the student currently resides.

To apply for emergency housing, please visit You will be asked to provide documentation of your reason to move in earlier and your request will be reviewed by the vice president of student affairs and director of housing for approval.

How will this help?

COVID-19 cases are continually rising as our country fights to overcome this ruthless pandemic. This extra time allows us to fully prepare all living and learning areas to be as healthy, safe and pandemic-prepared as possible.

Once classes start on Aug. 26, you will be able to choose from attending in-class courses, online courses or hybrid schedules depending on your comfort level, and we will provide personal protective equipment and policies in place to protect everyone’s health.

Also, please review our COVID-19 policy at for important updates on safety requirements for returning to campus.

Please be safe and remain healthy. You are important and appreciated. I look forward to seeing you on-line or on-campus in the weeks ahead. Ha’go’a’nee – Until I see you again!


Dr. Ferlin Clark, President
Bacone College

More Information

For continuing updates on the COVID-19 impact on Bacone College, please visit and follow Bacone College on Facebook:

For specific questions about methods of course offerings, schedules, and academic-related inquiries, please contact your assigned advisor. Visit for contact information.

CARES Act Information

Students who were enrolled in on-campus classes on March 23, 2020 will need to update their student contact information ON THIS FORM. You will need your Bacone College student ID and your Bacone College student email to complete the update form.

CARES Act - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Student Survey

Dear Students:

The Higher Learning Commission is the institutional accrediting association that comprehensively evaluates our school.  
Bacone College is going through the process this year. Your comments about your experiences are very important. 
A summary of your input will be provided to the team of representatives from the Higher Learning Commission who
will be visiting our school. The answers you give on this survey are anonymous. Unless you include identifying information
in your comments, the Higher Learning Commission and the institution will not have access to your identity.
Your participation is completely voluntary.

Click on the link to begin the survey:

Thank you for taking five minutes to complete this short survey. The survey will be open through April 22.

Thank you,
Dr. Leroy W. Thompson
Vice President of Academic Affairs.


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