Faculty Handbook

32. Faculty Research

32.10. Proposed research criteria

Proposed research projects should meet the following criteria: 

1) Project subjects will be given enough information to make an informed decision as to whether to participate, including an explanation of the purposes of the research and any risks or discomforts that might be involved.

2) The risks or discomforts to the participants will be minimized and in reasonable proportion to the expected benefits and knowledge gained.

3) Responses and observations are recorded in such a way that the human subjects cannot be identified either directly or through identifiers linked to the subject.

4) The research will not place any individual subject or the College at risk of criminal or civil liability or damage a subject’s financial standing, employability, or moral reputation.

5) Should the research deal with sensitive aspects of the subject’s own behavior and/or beliefs (such as illegal conduct, drug use, sexual behavior, or the use of alcohol) the purposes for and potential benefits to be derived from the project shall be demonstrated to be consistent with the statement of mission and purpose of the institution and violations of the modesty of participants will be minimized in every reasonable way. 

The research observes established standards of professional and Christian ethics.