Faculty Handbook

32. Faculty Research

32.3. Research Involving Students

1. Since any request made by a faculty member of a student who is taking one of his or her courses could be construed as coercive, it is recommended that faculty members seek student subjects from populations of students outside of their own courses.

2. Faculty members should seek student subjects in their own courses only if the research has educational value (for the subject) that is relevant to the course in which the subject is enrolled. The educational benefit for the student should be described in the Human Research Application.

3. If compensating subjects for their participation, the compensation must be for the level of participation.

4. If academic credit is given for participation as a subject in human research, there must be alternative ways to obtain such academic credit and these alternatives must be no more inconvenient, no more uncomfortable, no more risky, and no more time-consuming than participating as a subject in the research. Also, if academic credit is used as an incentive to attract subjects, it is mandatory that an educational component relevant to the course be built into the experience of the subject.