Faculty Handbook

32. Faculty Research

32.2. Expedited Review

1. Certain kinds of research involving minimal risks may be approved by expedited review according to the policies and procedures in section 110 of the federal policy.

2. Such proposals will be reviewed by at least two members of the Board, using the review template, with the following possible outcomes:

1. The reviewers will unanimously approve or disapprove the proposal.  Either reviewer may require that modifications to the proposal be made prior to approval.

2. One or both reviewers will recommend that the proposal be reviewed by the full Board, in which case it will be considered at the next meeting.

3. The decision of the reviewers will be presented to the full IRB for approval at the next meeting. Should the IRB wish to add restrictions or clarifications, the investigators will be asked, in writing, to suspend the research until these adjustments have been made. Continuing review of expedited, FDA-funded applications will be the same as for applications reviewed by the full committee.

4. Minor changes in previously approved research may be reviewed and approved by the Chair.

5. All members are notified of expedited reviews and their outcomes by listing them on the meeting agenda.