Faculty Handbook

22. Faculty Rights

22.13. Grievances and Complaints

A grievance is defined as an alleged misapplication, misinterpretation, or violation of any provision in this handbook.

Grievances are heard by the Faculty Senate. A faculty can file a grievance by submitting, in writing, to the head of the Faculty Senate a petition for review. Petitions with sufficient merit will be reviewed by the Faculty Senate which, will make a recommendation to the President.

When the president is named as a subject in a grievance case, the Faculty Senate shall transmit its summary and recommendations to the Board of Trustees whose actions shall be final. All grievance proceedings of the Faculty Senate will be closed and confidential.

Any other concern not meeting the definition of a grievance shall be treated as a complaint. Complaints should be submitted, in writing, to any member of the Faculty Senate for inclusion on the agenda of the next scheduled meeting. Such complaints will be brought to the floor and discussed and an appropriate course of action determined. The complaining party will be informed as to the action taken by the Faculty Senate.