Faculty Handbook

22. Faculty Rights

22.5. Academic Misconduct

The College maintains a policy concerning student academic misconduct, (See Appendices) which includes cheating, plagiarism, giving or receiving help on an examination or paper when it is expressly forbidden by the instructor, and any other practices which demonstrate a lack of academic integrity. It is the responsibility of the instructor to take necessary precautions to prevent the unauthorized circulation of examination materials and to exercise reasonable watchfulness to prevent cheating on examinations. 

Faculty who encounter instances of academic misconduct and students so accused must follow the procedures as outlined in See Appendices. A student found guilty of academic misconduct will be subject to academic sanctions ranging from failure in the course or assignment to dismissal from the College in cases of repeated and/or flagrant violations. Records of academic misconduct cases will be kept in a confidential file in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Academic Misconduct Policy (See Appendices).