Faculty Handbook

22. Faculty Rights

22.2. Academic Freedom in the Classroom

Faculty are entitled to freedom in the classroom in discussing a subject. Controversial material shall be taught objectively, and the teacher shall not introduce controversial material having no relation to the subject.

Academic Freedom for Librarians All full-time professional librarians are granted academic freedom. As an academic institution with a goal of developing critical thinking in the search for truth, professional librarians, like faculty, are obligated to make available to the students, books, and materials representing various viewpoints on particular subjects or propositions. Therefore, professional librarians are free from fear of dismissal or reprisal for carrying out the following job-related tasks:

1) The selection of publications, including determination of what to discard from an existing collection and what to accept or refuse from donors. 

2) The determination of restrictions on circulation or on access with regard to library materials. 

3) The determination of the degree of prominence in the shelving of selected library materials. 

4) The issuing of bibliographies that might include controversial publications. 

5) The advising of students as to their reading selections.