Faculty Handbook

28. Professional Development

28.1. Professional Development Fund Policy

A three-member Professional Development Subcommittee (PDS) is appointed by the Chair of the Faculty Senate at the beginning of each academic year. Each member of the PDS will be from a different school or division. The PDS will meet on a regular basis beginning at the start of the academic year in order to evaluate submitted requests for professional development funds.

Requests will be categorized as follows:

1. Tuition reimbursement

Funds which will cover tuition at the in-state rate are available only for those seeking a terminal or other appropriate advanced degrees. If a faculty member receives such funding, he/she will be contractually obligated to Bacone College for as many semesters as he/she received tuition reimbursements. Such obligation will begin following the completion of his/her terminal or advanced degree. If a faculty severs his/her relationship with Bacone prior to completing the degree or leaves his/her degree program for longer than 12 months, he/she must pay back to Bacone, in a timely manner, all reimbursement monies. No tuition reimbursement will be made for any courses that have not been successfully completed as defined by the institution from which the degree is being sought.

2. Professional Growth

Funds are available for faculty who incur expenses relating to research, paper presentations, professional membership dues, travel expenses related to professional growth, etc. Any activities involving travel must adhere to the College's current travel policy. The deadline for submitting requests for these monies is the last working day (Monday - Friday) of April.

The maximum amount of funds allotted to each faculty for this category for a given academic year may vary from year to year. Faculty can submit multiple requests for funds throughout the academic year.

A faculty should submit a request for funds to cover ALL expenses anticipated for that year's professional growth even if that total exceeds the maximum funds allotted for an individual that year.

The PDS will forward its recommendations regarding all requests for professional development monies to the Vice President for Academic Affairs who will evaluate those requests for funds to determine the cost and relative merits of those requests.

Application for Professional Development funds should proceed according to the following:

1. A professional development plan should be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (EVPDF) by the end of the fourth week of the fall semester.

2. Once a professional development plan is on file in the office of the EVPDF, a Request for Professional Development Funds form should be completed and sent to the office of the EVPDF. The deadline for submitting requests is the last working day (Monday – Friday) of April. Any requests submitted after that time up until the beginning of the following fall semester will be reviewed by the EVPDF only and any monies received will be applied to the funds made available for the following academic year.

3. Once the request for professional development funds has been reviewed by the  PDS and approved by the EVPDF, a purchase order (PO) should be completed and forwarded to the office of the EVPDF for approval by the EVPDF and the President. (The PO may be submitted at the same time as the Request for Professional Development Funds form.)

4. Upon notification by the office of the EVPDF that the PO has been approved, the faculty can proceed with the professional development activity.

5. For activities which do not require travel (e.g. memberships, subscriptions, etc.), proof of said activity can be attached to the approved PO and sent to accounts payable in order to receive a reimbursement check.

6. For activities which require travel (e.g. conferences, presentations, etc.), the Travel & Entertainment Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted along  with all receipts to the office of the EVPDF within 3 weeks of return. The College may pay certain travel expenses (e.g. airfare, hotel, conference fees) directly to vendors in advance of any travel. See the office of the EVPDF for details. ** All forms for the above, are available on the J:drive of the College's computer system under the folders “Campus Forms”, “Academic Affairs”, “Professional Development”.

Total funds earmarked for professional growth but not used by the end of April, may go to help offset expenses incurred by faculty who exceeded the maximum allotted amount. In May the PDS will determine if any faculty are eligible for additional funds and the amount of any additional funds they would receive by the following rationale:

1. Any faculty whose actual expenses exceed the maximum allotted funds by $50.00 or more is eligible for additional monies.

2. Additional money for professional growth will be distributed to eligible faculty only if the total amount of unused funds divided equally over all eligible faculty is $50.00 or more per individual. If the distribution of additional money is necessary, the PDS will submit requests for supplemental reimbursement checks to the office of the EVPDF no later than the Friday before graduation.