Faculty Handbook

20. Separation from the College

20.3. Appeal Hearing Chart

Chairman: This open/closed hearing will come to order.

 The Appellate Committee has been elected , at the request of Bacone College, from the Bacone Faculty Senate for the purpose of "reviewing information and due process on the failure to renew his/her contract or on his/her dismissal as a faculty of BaconeCollege."

 Chairman: The following members of the Committee are: (Name allCommittee members and alternates.) 

Chairman: This is the matter of (petitioner) relative to an appeal made (date) to this Committee after following established procedures. Chairman: The legal counsel representing the Committee is for Bacone College. 

Chairman: Is any voting member of this Committee aware of any reason which would render him/her unable to accord this faculty a fair and impartial hearing? 

Does the petitioner has any objections to any Committee member serving? (Alternate members must be present to fill in for any member of the Committee who wishes to be excused.) 

Appellate Committee Members Members Court Reporter? 

 Chairman: Let the record show that all members answered in the negative. (If any member answers affirmatively, the Chairman states:) , you are excused from further participation in this hearing. According to our rules the selection of the replacement will be by lot. (The alternates' names will be placed in a container and the replacement will be drawn.) will serve in place of (excused). 

Chairman: The Secretary for the Committee will read the petition filed by (petitioner). 

Chairman: Mr./Mrs. , do you have further information other than what has been provided to present to this Committee? (The faculty requesting the hearing and/or the petitioner's lawyer presents any further information at this point, after which members of the Committee may ask questions of the faculty regarding the testimony.) 

Chairman: Bacone Representative (President, Vice President, etc.), do you wish to present other information or clarify any information in regard to this hearing? (The Bacone Representative may present information at this time after which members of the Committee may ask questions of the College Administration regarding the testimony.) 

Chairman: Is there any other information either side wishes to add? Chairman: The Committee has now heard all the testimony and received the evidence in this matter concerning (petitioner). The Committee will now be closed and go into executive session for the purpose of discussing its decision in this case. (The Chairman presides during the closed sessions to arrive at the findings and recommendations. Before the Committee session is reopened, the vote of each member must be cast by secret ballot. The Chairman does not vote.) 

Chairman: The session will come to order. Will the Committee present its findings. 

Recorder: The Committee makes a finding that: (Finding shall be based upon majority vote of the Committee.)