Faculty Handbook

20. Separation from the College

20.1. Grievance Procedure


1. The Committee will hear cases only after a written petition has been received by the President of the BFS from the person concerned. 

2. The petition shall include all statements, in writing and dated, with stated attempt to resolve. 

3. The Committee will hear those cases brought forward through procedures specified in this document and in the Faculty Handbook. 

4. The hearing will be scheduled within 3-5 days after written appeal has been submitted. 

5. The Committee will notify all parties involved that an appeal has been filed. 

6. The hearing, and date of hearing, will be confidential unless the BFS member waives the right, and chooses to make the hearing public. 7. The committee reserves the right to hold an executive session before reporting its recommendations. 

8. Voting will be by secret ballot. 

9. Committee recommendations will be reported on a majority vote. 

10. The Bacone Faculty Senate Code of Ethics will be the guideline for the recommendations. 

11. Recommendations will be made to the parties involved and said recommendations forwarded to the President of the College. 

12. Prior to all meetings, two dated statements of the problem, in writing, will be signed by both parties and a copy will be retained by each.