Faculty Handbook

34. Faculty Merit Pay Policy


1. This policy pertains to only full-time faculty, Division Chairs and Deans who hold faculty status. It does not include adjunct faculty, staff, or administrators.

2. In the spring semester, (at the same time as the Faculty Evaluation Summary) faculty can submit to their Dean/Division Chair a Merit Bonus Checklist.

3. Any activity marked should have been performed between the previous May graduation and the end of the current spring semester.

4. Merit activities should be accompanied by supporting documentation.

5. If faculty has performed a listed activity multiple times within a given evaluation period (e.g. written multiple works), points for each will be awarded.

6. Once a specific activity (e.g. presentation, performance, etc.) has been used toward a merit bonus, it can not be used again. If a presentation is delivered multiple times, the presenter must justify the additional points.

7. After the merit activity has been verified, the checklist is signed by faculty and the Dean or Department Chair and forwarded with the supporting documentation to the Office oAcademic Affairs.

8. Two representatives from the Faculty Senate and the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) will then review each submittal.

9. If approved by the Faculty Senate representatives and the VPAA, a recommendation for a merit bonus is forwarded to the President.

10. Merit bonuses will be distributed according to the following:

a. Only individuals with the five highest point totals will receive a bonus.

b.In the case that multiple individuals have the same point totals, those persons will be ranked by seniority at Bacone, with the most senior faculty receiving the highest rank within the group.

c.The bonus amount for each individual will be based on their percentage of the total points accumulated from the five individuals with the highest number of points.

11. By the following fall semester, the Faculty Senate will make known to the entire faculty, through email or other appropriate means, the names and activities of the faculty who have been recommended for a merit bonus.

12. If no money is available in a given year for merit bonuses, points can be held over for up to three years and used toward a bonus award.

13. A merit bonus will not take the place of cost-of-living or other raises.

Merit Bonus Checklist

I. Required Activities (Activities must be completed by the end of the current academic year)

A. Teaching Hours + Release Time (24-27 minimum) (total hours)

B. Service to Campus Community: Faculty list two activities.

Deans & Division Chairs include all activities required by the specific for position held.

1. Councils

2. Committees

3. Task forces

4. Working groups

5. Advisor for student organizations

C. Professional Development Plan on file in the office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (y/n)

D. Advising students as specified in contract (where appropriate)

The minimum for parts I, A, B, C and D (where appropriate) must be met to be eligible for a merit bonus.