Faculty Handbook

32. Faculty Research

Since Bacone College is primarily a teaching institution, research is not required but is encouraged of all facultys. However, it is the responsibility of all faculty  to cooperate in the routine collection of data for institutional and instructional use (e.g. absentee reporting, etc.) Any faculty  conducting research is responsible for adhering to the ethical standards established  by  their  profession.     Faculty members who  are  supervising  students or other individuals in research are held accountable for the ethical behavior of all individuals involved in the project. 

If a research project involves any use of test subjects, a proposal must be submitted and approved by the Academic Affairs Council College and the Vice President for Academic Affairs before any research activities begin.  The process is initiated by the Principal Investigator who shall obtain the approval of the appropriate Dean or Department Chair. 

A description of the project should include the following: 

1) An explanation of the purposes and benefits of the research.

2) The methods used for selecting subjects, informing them of the nature of the research, including known risks involved and giving them the opportunity to decide whether to participate or not. (Informed Consent)

3) The means by which the privacy of subjects will be protected.

4) A description of any physical and/or psychological risks that may be present.

5) The steps to be taken to reduce any risks or discomfort to subjects.