Faculty Handbook

24. Faculty Assistance & Academic Support Services

Faculty Assistance & Academic Support Services

Faculty should be willing to help students in their classes by striving to present course material in a clear, straightforward manner. In addition, faculty should also be willing to answer student's questions, about course material, both inside and outside the classroom.

The College is committed to the academic success of students. To this end, peer tutors and a tutorial lab are available through the Division of Academic Support. Faculty should refer students who may benefit from additional help to the Division of Academic Support, for academic assistance.

Faculty members are also encouraged to aid in locating capable students to provide legitimate tutorial assistance and to work with student tutors in their disciplines to see those tutorial sessions are accurate and helpful.

Office Hours

Faculty will schedule a minimum of ten (10) office hours per week and distributed throughout the week as to be convenient to students. Office hours will be determined by each faculty at the beginning of each semester and announced to students and posted on the faculty’s office door.

Copies of faculty schedules, including office hours, will be forwarded to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the beginning of each semester.