Faculty Handbook

22. Faculty Rights

22.10. Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical Leave

Sabbatical leave is not automatically guaranteed but must be earned through demonstrated commitment to the ideal of improving the quality of instruction at the College. The following policy/procedure applies to any sabbatical leave by a full-time member of the faculty:

1) Faculty will be eligible to make application (See Appendices) for sabbatical leave of one semester with full pay and benefits, or of one academic year at half pay and benefits, after six academic years of full-time teaching. The application must be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs at least one year before the beginning date of the sabbatical. It will specify in detail the study to be undertaken, such as coursework for an advanced degree, participation in a special training program, seminar, or workshop, individual research and reading leading to publication of a scholarly paper or monograph, or other scholarly activities deemed appropriate by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

2) The Vice President for Academic Affairs will assess the impact of the applicant’s leave on both the School or Division’s teaching program and the faculty professional growth.

3) The Vice President for Academic Affairs, in consultation with the President, will then send the application to the Academic Committee of the Board of Trustees at the first BOT meeting following the submission of the application to the EVPDF and will include background information on the potential impact of the proposed sabbatical activity on the College and a recommendation for action. The Academic Committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees, which will then approve or deny the application.

A sabbatical leave may be delayed if the recipient’s absence from the campus would cause undue hardship on the institution. A delayed leave will not delay future eligibility for subsequent sabbaticals.

Because sabbatical leave is considered an investment in the future of the College, individuals receiving leave will agree to return to their teaching duties for a period of at least one year after the sabbatical or to repay the salary that they receive while on leave.

The Board of Trustees will require a report of the sabbatical leave to be filed by the faculty within one month of the beginning of the academic year following the leave. The report will include an account of the activities carried out during the leave and copies of written work produced as a result. The report will be submitted to the President and the Vice President for Academic Affairs, who will forward it to the Board of Trustees. In all cases of sabbatical leave, the Executive Vice President & Dean of Faculty must be able to assure the Board of Trustees that replacement faculty meet standards that the College has set for its faculty.