Faculty Handbook

19. Faculty Workplace Policies & Procedures

Faculty Workplace Policies & Procedures

Civil Rights

Bacone College is committed to maintaining a humane atmosphere in which the sex, age, race, color, belief, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental handicap, or veteran status of an individual or group is respected and not disparaged. Faculty members, like all employees of the College, are protected by the federal laws regarding Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Americans with Disabilities. Bacone College treats AIDS and HIV infections as disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

See the Staff Handbook for more details.

Sexual Harassment Policy

The College maintains a policy against any form of sexual harassment among faculty, staff and students (Sexual Harassment Policy, See Appendices).


The College maintains a policy against nepotism that applies to all employees of the institution. (Nepotism Policy, See Appendices).

Investigations and Appeals

Any faculty member, who believes that they have been harmed by any of the above-mentioned acts, should submit, in writing, as soon as possible, a sufficiently specific complaint to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, their Dean or Division Chair or the Director of Human Resources. The individual(s) charged in the complaint will be promptly notified and given an opportunity to respond. The appropriate College authorities will immediately conduct an investigation of the complaint in an expeditious manner, assuring maximum confidentiality. It should be recognized, that a lengthy period of time between the alleged occurrence(s) and an investigation might make fact-finding extremely difficult or impossible. Any individual bringing a complaint, founded in good faith, will at no time suffer retaliation of any kind. If the complaint is found to be valid, appropriate action will be taken to remedy the situation. Depending on the nature and seriousness of the offense, action can include suspension, dismissal or other discipline and/or counseling of the offending party/parties. If the offender is a faculty member, dismissal or suspension will follow the policies and procedures outlined above Separation from The College. 

An accused faculty member can petition for a grievance (See chapter below) by Faculty Senate in response to any actions resulting from a complaint.