Faculty Handbook

15. Changes to Faculty-College Contractual Agreements

Changes to Faculty-College Contractual Agreements 

Origin of Revisions 

Any suggested revisions to any Faculty-College contract may originate from the Trustees, President, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Chief Financial Officer, a member of the faculty, or any of the College's standing, ad hoc committees, or subcommittees. 

Review of Revisions 

The Trustees, President, and Faculty Senate will review suggestions for revisions. Any changes to those suggested revisions will be submitted in writing by those review bodies to the originator of the revision(s). This review process may occur as often as necessary to obtain a final version of the suggested revisions. Consideration of any proposed revisions may be stopped by the mutual consent of the Trustees, President, and Faculty Senate. 

Approval of Revisions 

The originator of the revisions shall send a final draft to the President and Faculty Senate. Both will respond in writing to the originator as to whether those respective groups have accepted the suggested revisions. 

If both accept the suggested revisions, those revisions will then be presented to the Faculty Assembly for a majority vote. If Faculty Assembly approves the suggested revisions, a recommendation for a change in contract(s) is then forwarded to the President. If the President agrees with the faculty recommendation, a recommendation from the President is then formulated and sent to the Board of Trustees for their final approval. 

Once revisions have been voted on by Faculty Assembly, no further changes may be made to those revisions or any other portion of the particular contract in question, without another full review process taking place, as described above.