Faculty Handbook

13. Moving Expenses



Full-Time, Cabinet-Level Administrative Staff, Head Coaches and Full-Time Faculty


It is the policy of the College to permit the reimbursement of non-taxable* moving expenses, either by a commercial or non-commercial mover, and only for new full-time, cabinet-level administrative staff and faculty according to the schedule listed below. All qualified moving expenses must be adequately documented with a list of expenses supported by original invoices, receipts, etc. and submitted to the Business Office within 30 days after the move has occurred. Reimbursement for moving expenses will occur within 4 weeks after submission of receipts and appropriate reimbursement form.

Local Moves: No moving allowance will be granted for moves within a 50-mile radius of Muskogee, OK.

One-year Full-Time, Temporary Replacement (Interim) Faculty: Up to $500. (This is for qualified moving expenses only, not commuting expenses.)

Full-Time Faculty and Head Coaches: Up to $500 if under 500 miles and up to $1,500 if over 500 miles.

Full-Time, Cabinet Level Administrative Staff: Up to $1500 *Non-Taxable Moving Expenses – not subject to tax withholding or reporting on Form W-2, if supported by adequate documentation. In general, moving expenses must be incurred within one year of commencing employment in order to be considered nontaxable:

• The cost of moving household goods and personal property to the new primary residence; and

• The cost of traveling, excluding meals, to the new primary residence for the employee, spouse and other dependents. Such costs would include airfare, mileage reimbursement for driving a personal automobile (limited to $.10 per mile or actual out-of-pocket costs for gas and oil), and lodging costs en route from the old primary residence (but not meals).

• Additional information is available in IRS publication 521 – Moving Expenses.