Faculty Handbook

6. Compensation

6.3. Leave of Absence

Paid Leave of Absence 

In certain circumstances, faculty may receive a paid leave of absence. However, there will be no payment for unused “paid leave of absence”. 

A paid leave of absence may be granted for the following reasons: 

1) Jury Duty -Faculty called for jury duty should notify their Dean or Division Chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs immediately. A copy of the jury duty summons should be turned into Human Resources. Recommendations for exemption from jury duty will be made only in those cases where a faculty’s absence would seriously impair the operation of the College. On any day when faculty on jury duty is not  required to report to the court and/or on days when he/she is excused early,  the faculty is expected to return to work. Faculty must give the College their jury pay. 

2)  Examinations - Absences for the purpose of taking examinations required for the necessary performance of duties to the College, must be authorized by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. 

3) Epidemics, Pandemics, Public Emergencies, or Quarantines - When stipulated by the President of the College, absences granted because of epidemics, quarantines, or public emergencies shall be granted for the duration of the cause. 

4) Death in the Family

A maximum of three (3) days is granted in the case of death in the immediate family (father, mother, sister, brother, grandparents, spouse, children, in- laws). However, the faculty must report the need for a leave of absence to his/her immediate supervisor prior to the absence and to H/R for record keeping purposes. These days will not accumulate and cannot be carried over to a different calendar year.

5) Personal Leave (See accrual rate under “Categories of Faculty Service”)

Holiday Leave and Campus Academic Calendar Breaks

Faculty receive as time-off, all academic calendar breaks and holidays observed by the college. Sick Leave (See sick leave accrual rate and policy under “Categories of Faculty Service”)