Faculty Handbook

6. Compensation

6.2. Faculty Funding

Through Separately Funded Programs

Bacone College faculty may be involved in programs that are funded outside normal channels

of College support. These include Federal, State, and Foundation grants, cooperative programs

with other institutions, and contracts with business firms, acceptable within guidelines

determined by the College. The grant application and subsequent agreement will set the specific

arrangements for each individual grant.


A proposal for a grant to be funded by a source outside the College must first be

reviewed by the Development Office, the Chief Financial Officer and the Vice President

for Academic Affairs. All proposals must be approved by the President. When matching

funds from the College, are required, the proposal must come before the Board of

Trustees for approval.

The Chief Financial Officer will review the proposal to assure that proper arrangements

have been made for matching funds, release time, services in-kind, furniture, use of

campus facilities, and the like.

The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President will determine what

personnel may be involved in the performance of the grant. Prior to the submission of

a proposal, the President must approve, in writing, compensation arrangements at no

less than the college pay scale for all personnel with full-time appointments.

Project Administration

The College will follow the regulations established by the grantor in the administration

of grant funds. Grants for research, education activities, special programs, and the

like are agreements between Bacone College and the grantor. Under most

circumstances, grants that make specific reference to current faculty, administrators or

staff members, should provide specific provisions for transition in the event personnel 

changes occur.

Faculty who is participating in a separately funded program will consult with the

Dean or Division Chair and the Vice President for Academic Affairs concerning

the time required for his/her participation in the program. Approval of the program

by the College will be contingent upon an agreement between the faculty and the

Vice President for Academic Affairs with approval of the President that the faculty

will either:

1) Be able to continue performing his/her duties and receive full compensation

from the College while fulfilling the terms of the grant, or

2) Be given a reduction in responsibilities to the College and a subsequent

reduction in compensation during the time he/she will be working on the grant.