Faculty Handbook

11. Contracts

Locus of Appointment

Appointments to Bacone College are specific to a school or division. The school or division in which the appointment is held shall be specified in the annual contract. In certain situations, when faculty is employed to teach in more than one academic school and/or division the locus of appointment shall be to both.

Types of Contracts

Term Contracts

Term contracts are issued for a specific period and carry no obligation or promise of future employment. Term contracts may be offered by the College at any time. A person offered a term contract will have two weeks to accept or reject the contract. 

Provisional Contracts

A provisional contract is a full-time contract for a twelve-month period with a twelve (12) month payout and a teaching load as previously defined. The provisional period is meant to give faculty time to demonstrate his/her ability and gives the College's faculty and administration time to observe and evaluate faculty in a faculty position. During this period, faculty on a provisional contract has the same rights and responsibilities as all other faculty members of the College. Faculty members holding provisional appointments are evaluated for reappointment on a yearly basis. A provisional contract carries no obligation or promise of further employment beyond its term.

Faculty in good standing typically receives a minimum of three provisional contracts.

However, faculty who have taught full-time at Bacone College under a term contract for one or two years immediately preceding the year in which they receive their first provisional contract, will receive full credit for those years under term contract, as a part of their provisional period. At the end of the third provisional contract, a determination is made by the College resulting in one of the following:

1) The faculty's provisional contract is not renewed and employment by the College is terminated.

2) The faculty is offered an additional provisional contract. During the time of this provisional contract, the faculty may be asked to engage in study in order to achieve additional skills or academic competencies needed by the college or to engage in faculty development intended to address specific areas of weakness. In such cases the expectations of the college shall be precisely stated in writing at the time the contract is offered. The college may provide financial and/or other appropriate support for the faculty who is asked to engage in additional studies or in faculty development activities, as funds are available.

3) The faculty is offered a continuous contract.

Continuous Contracts

A continuous contract is a full-time contract for a twelve (12) month period with a twelve (12) month payout and a teaching load as previously defined. A continuous contract confers on faculty the right to be re-employed from contract term to contract term until the faculty resigns, retires, is terminated, laid off, or dismissed in accordance with the policies and procedures in this handbook. Faculty on a continuous contract may not be reduced in salary,

rank, or contract term except for just cause or pursuant to a reduction in force. Faculty on continuous contract will receive a yearly appointment contract subject to the conditions described in this handbook.

Contracts for Summer Term Teaching

Full-time faculty on a provisional or continuous contract will have opportunity to teach for the college during the summer if requested by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. All contracts for summer teaching are term contracts. The maximum teaching load for summer term faculty should not exceed nine (9) credit hours.