Faculty Handbook

7. Time off

Faculty within either Category One or Two shall accrue sick leave and personal days  at the following rates:


Sick leave shall accrue at the rate of one and one-third (1 1/3) days per month or a maximum of sixteen (16) days per calendar year. Sick time may be accumulated up to a maximum total of sixty (60) days. Sick time does not accrue during sick leave or short-term disability. Sick time is accrued during breaks and holidays in the academic calendar.

Sick time may be used for any illness that requires time off from work. A pregnancy-related illness shall be treated as any temporary disability for all personnel actions (length and extension of leave, retention of rank, reinstatement, or fringe benefits). The employee's physician determines the length of time off due to pregnancy. Payment during this time will be covered first by the sick leave policy and then by the short-term disability policy.

Sick time may also be used to care for the illness of the faculty's spouse, child, parent, or any other individual for whom the faculty has primary care responsibilities.

The College, through the faculty, Dean or Division Chair, reserves the right to request proof of illness from a physician in any case where the faculty is absent due to illness or where a request is made to use sick time because of the illness of a spouse, child, parent, or other dependent.

No payment shall be made at any time for unused sick leave. Termination of employment with the College will result in a forfeiting of all unused sick leave. In addition, the following rules apply:

  • Sick leave does not accumulate as a right.
  • Faculty shall notify the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs immediately regarding the need for sick leave.
  • No advance in sick leave shall be granted under any circumstances.
  • No sick leave shall be granted until three (3) months of service have been completed. Sick leave may not be taken during any form of non-paid lay-off.
  • Faculty shall not undertake any gainful employment during sick leave.
  • No faculty injured on duty shall suffer a loss of pay for any portion of the waiting period prior to the initial wage-loss benefit payment by the Worker's Compensation Insurance carrier, provided the employee has sick leave or personal leave to cover the period. Employees injured on duty shall be eligible for the benefits of sick leave under the same conditions as uninjured employees.
  • Compensation for sick leave requires the faculty to fill out an online “Absentee Report” and submit it to the EVPDF for approval and submission to Human Resources.
  • Sick leave shall not affect faculty rank, position, or rate of pay.


Up to three (3) days per calendar year can be taken without the need for statement of reason. However, the faculty must report the need for personal leave to his/her immediate supervisor prior to the absence and to H/R for record keeping purposes. These days will not accumulate and cannot be carried over to a different calendar year.

Faculty within either Category Three or Four shall accrue vacation time, sick leave, and personal days at the following rates:


• .5769 working days per biweekly pay period, or fifteen (15) days per year.


• .3846 working days per biweekly pay period, or ten (10) days per year.


• Two (2) Personal Days per fiscal year. Personal Days may not be carried forward or accrued into the next fiscal year