20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


10.36. Bacone College Archives and Special Collections

The Bacone College Archives and Special Collections are housed in Betts Library which is the administrative division that oversees the library‚Äôs rare, fragile, archival, or other holdings needing special care. Our goal is to make these materials accessible to researchers while preserving the items for posterity. This is a non-circulating part of Betts Library and is accessible by appointment only. 

The collection ranges from American Indian literature to scholarly monographs including government documents detailing ethnographic studies and historical records of American Indian tribes.  In addition, the holdings include some manuscript collections, notably the journals and diaries of Joseph Murrow, a prominent American Baptist missionary who resided in the Choctaw Nation in Indian Territory in the latter nineteenth century. 

Betts Library houses existing materials and seeks to acquire manuscripts, photographs, older published materials, and contemporary scholarly monographs in American Indian history and cultures, with special attention to history of tribes in Indian Territory.  The library accepts as donations published materials appropriate to research on American Indian history and culture.  In addition, published or manuscript materials related to the history of Bacone College, especially collections of papers from Alumni who have achieved significant prominence in American history are desired for the collection.  Oral history materials (recordings and/or transcriptions, preferably the latter) are sought from all the aforementioned and from individuals associated with Bacone College who can reflect on the past history of the institution.  In accordance with Bacone College's donation policy, all donations are required to be approved by the Development Office and by the Executive Director of Betts Library prior to acceptance.