20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


10.31. Transfer of College Credit Policy for Non-Regionally Accredited Institutions

The Higher Learning Commission states, in their Commission Policy and Good Practices on Transfer of Credit, under The Role and Responsibilities of Institutions, that colleges and universities are ultimately responsible for decisions about the admission of transfer students and the acceptance or non-acceptance of credits earned elsewhere.  Typically, academic faculty and student affairs professionals (working within the framework of faculty rules and standards) determine the transferability of courses and programs.  Institutions must balance responsiveness to students’ preferences about transfer with institutional commitment to the value and quality of degrees or other credentials.

In light of this statement from the HLC, the following procedure will be followed in determining how transfer of credits will, or will not be applied from an institution of higher learning that is not regionally accredited based upon the previously noted HLC Practices on Transfer of Credit.

Step 1 – Registrar will contact surrounding area colleges who are regionally accredited to see if they have accepted credits from the college in question.

Step 2 – The student will be notified that Bacone College will need a syllabus for every course the students wants to have accepted in transfer.

Step 3 – A copy of the course syllabus received will be sent to the respective Division Chair/Dean for consideration.  The Division Chair/Dean may determine that a specific faculty member in their department with expertise in the area of the course should review the syllabus.  Once a review of the syllabus has been conducted, acceptance/denial will be noted and sent to the Registrar.

Step 4 – The Registrar will keep a paper trail of any syllabi sent to Division Chairs/Deans.  Once a determination has been received from the Division Chair/Dean, the Registrar will notify the student by written communication.

Transfer of Elective Credit – Bacone College will not accept elective credit from an unaccredited institution unless it is a recognized course that it offers.