20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


10.30. Transfer of College Credits

Bacone College reserves the right to determine for itself college course credits from other institutions that are acceptable to be transferred in to meet graduation requirements. Courses will not be accepted in transfer and applied to student degree programs until the College has made such determination and the student's advisor, the applicable division chair/dean, and the Registrar have granted PRIOR approval. Transfer credits will only be applied to the permanent record of a student currently enrolled at the College. Transcripts received for a student who does not have a current enrollment will be filed until such time as the student officially enrolls for classes at Bacone College. Bacone College allows credits transferred from another institution to apply towards one of its degree programs where a minimum grade of "C" has been earned in the course(s) taken at another institution.  All coursework taken at any previous college(s) will be applied to the permanent academic record of the student according to the grading policies and procedures of Bacone College (see under Academic Forgiveness in the Academic Information section regarding the policy to request removal of any previous coursework).

Current students who want to take a course at another college should complete a Request for Transfer of College Credit form prior to that time to be sure that course will be accepted in transfer (refer to the Academic Information section regarding the minimum number of hours required for associate degrees and bachelor degrees). This form may be obtained from the website www.Bacone.edu or the Registrar's Office.