20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


10.25. Incompletes

Incomplete is defined as when a student has done satisfactory work in a course but has failed to complete a portion of the course requirements because of documented, extenuating circumstances. The instructor submits the request (via MOODLE: Fac Res Site: Incomplete Grade Request) for approval to the Office of Academic Affairs specifying the class assignments and exams yet to be completed. The time period to complete the coursework will not exceed beyond mid-term of the following semester. For students in accelerated programs, the time period to complete the coursework may not exceed beyond six months from the date the incomplete was approved.  At the end of the contracted period the instructor must submit a change of grade request for the "I" with the final grade to be awarded (via MOODLE: Fac Res Site: Grade Change Request) to the Office of Academic Affairs. If the instructor has not requested a change to the "I" grade within the specified time period, or the student does not complete the assignments as stipulated, the "I" grade will be changed to the grade submitted by the instructor on the original request. The "I" grade is not used in the computation of a student’s grade point average.