20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


10.23. Academic Appeals

Relationships between students and educators at Bacone College are based on the assumption of mutual acceptance of certain rights and responsibilities. Disputes involving academic performance (grades) can often be resolved through an appeal process. An Academic Affairs Committee will be appointed to review an appeal only after an attempt has been made by the involved persons to resolve their differences within the following framework:

·      Student conferences with the instructor.

·      If necessary, student conferences with his or her faculty advisor.

·      If necessary, student conferences with the appropriate Division Chair.

·      If necessary, the Division Chair conducts a conference with all parties present.

When appealing a final grade received in a course, students must file an appeal before the end of the eighth week of the fall or spring semester following the semester, session or term in which the grade was recorded.

Information on appeal procedures is available in the Office of Academic Affairs. After an Academic Committee has issued an opinion on an appeal, the plaintiff or defendant can appeal the decision to the Office of Academic Affairs. An appeal must be submitted in writing to the Office of Academic Affairs within ten days after the decision of the Academic Committee.