20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


10.15. Attendance and Responsibility for Learning

Bacone College expects students to attend class on a regular and punctual basis. Students who are absent from class, regardless of the cause, have the responsibility of communicating with the instructor to discuss the missed work. The instructor will determine whether the student will be permitted to submit the work and will decide on the time and nature of the make-up assignment. Students who do not appear at the time prearranged for the make-up assignment forfeit any right to make-up the work. Excessive class absences do have a negative impact upon a student’s participation in a class and could result in a final grade of “F” for a course.


Campus Attendance Policy

1.     All students will be advised of the campus absence policy at orientation and in first year seminar.   All faculty members will include the policy in their syllabi

2.     All communication with students will be by Bacone email only and students are required to use only that for class communication or Moodle.  Students will be trained in the use of Bacone email in classes, orientation, and other means for the first two weeks.  These instructions will be repeated constantly.

3.     Student athletes who are departing for travel in the afternoon are required to attend morning classes.  Athletes will provide their instructors with their schedules as the season opens and notify their instructors of travel in advance.

4.     Students who are absent due to illness will need to prove their illness with a doctor’s form

5.     Instructors will have the discretion to award extra credit as appropriate to their syllabus

6.     Attendance will be taken from the first day of class attendance.


Intervention Practices

1.     When a student has accumulated 2 unexcused absences, the Attendance Intervention Team will act:

2.     The faculty member who is aware of the absences will email the Intervention Team which will consist of: the  student’s faculty advisor, the Director of TRIO,  Ms. Kaila Harjo (VP of Student Affairs),  and the student’s coach (if an athlete) advising them of the absences.  The following steps will be taken

a.     The faculty advisor will have a personal conference with the student advising them of the impact on their academic performance within one week,

b.     The VP Student Life will have a conference with the student, advising them of the possible impact on their Bacone scholarship and financial aid within one week

c.     If an athlete, the Coach will be notified and will handle the absences according to the athletic agreement signed by all athletes

d.     The Director of TRIO or designee will meet with the student to offer tutoring and other services.

e.     Each of these will send an email to the other members of the Intervention Team as they conduct their interviews with the student

3.     Upon the 4th Unexcused Absence, the instructor may advise the student that their grade will be reduced one letter grade due to excessive unexcused attendance

4.     Upon the 6th Unexcused Absence, the instructor may advise the student they are being withdrawn from the class and the instructor will ask the VPAA to have the student Administratively Withdrawn (showing a grade of “AW” in the student record.)

5.     Faculty will be accorded the right to exercise discretion based on knowledge of the student.

6.     Students have an opportunity for appeal of grades or absences.  Appeals of grades are made to the Division Chair in accordance with policies in the college catalog.  Appeals of absences are made in writing to the VPAA in accordance with policies in the college catalog.