20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


10.10. Academic Dishonesty Policy

The fundamental principle of academic life is integrity. The Bacone College community does not condone academic dishonesty in any form. When an act of academic dishonesty has occurred the incident must be reported to the Office of Academic Affairs by the faculty member in whose class(es) the act(s) of academic dishonesty occurred. Following the reporting of the incident(s) the subsequent actions may be taken:

  1. The instructor has the right to not accept the assignment or test in question and record a "zero" for the assignment or test, and/or require the student to redo the assignment (or test), or require the student to complete a substitute assignment or test.
  2. The student may be dropped from the class and assigned a failing grade (F). A written recommendation from the instructor is required.
  3. In cases of extreme or repeated incidents (two or more) of academic dishonesty, the student may be suspended from Bacone College.

The instructor and/or the Office of Academic Affairs will notify the student as to the action taken. If the student believes there has been an erroneous accusation made, the student may appeal the action. The student must file a written appeal within 10 working days of notification. The Office of Academic Affairs hears the appeal in the presence of the student, the instructor and the division chair as deemed necessary. The student and faculty member are informed in writing of the action taken.