20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


8.3. Payment of Accounts

The College reserves the right to withhold grades, academic records, transcripts, and diplomas until all financial obligations to the College are satisfied. Students whose accounts remain delinquent by the 8th week in a given semester may be administratively withdrawn.

Students that have made some payments in an academic term but are behind in their payment plans by Finals Week may be allowed to take their finals. However, until they have satisfied their balance or made sufficient progress in doing so, as determined by the Business Office, these students will receive an "AW" on their grade report and transcript for all of the courses in which they are enrolled in that academic term. Students will have until the middle of the next academic term to have their balances cleared. Upon doing so by that time, the "AW" will be replaced with the final grade the professor assigned to the course. However, students failing to have their balance cleared or at an appropriate level by the middle of the next academic term will have the "AW" become a permanent grade in all of their courses for the academic term in which they failed to meet their financial obligations.

Students that have failed to make any payments on their account balance by the middle of an academic term will be subject to immediate withdrawal.