20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


7.14. Appeal of Suspension

A student with extenuating circumstances may appeal a suspension by submitting a typed appeal to the Office of Academic Affairs AND the Office of Financial Aid (if applicable). Appeals must explain in detail why the student failed to meet the minimum academic standards, what extenuating circumstances caused the failure, and how the situation has since improved. Examples of extenuating circumstances include illness, medical issues with immediate family members, or a death in the family.

Personal or financial issues with family, friends, or roommates are not considered extenuating circumstances. A student's typed appeal should include:

  • The reason(s) why the student failed to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  •  Supporting documentation that may be pertinent to the student's appeal.
  •  An academic plan for success. (Details will be outlined in students’ suspension letter)

The Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Financial Aid (if applicable) appeal committees will evaluate all documentation submitted and the student's appeal will be approved or denied. The results of the appeal will be emailed/mailed by USPS within approximately ten (10) working days after the appeal is received in the Office of Academic Affairs. If denied, the student's academic and financial aid suspension is upheld, the student will be ineligible to enroll.  A student suspended for failure to meet the Financial Aid academic progress standards can enroll but is responsible for paying for their own educational costs until the student improves his/her scholastic record to meet the minimum standards for financial aid. Students who were denied due to maximum time frame are responsible for paying for their own educational costs for the remainder of their degree program. If approved, the student will either be: Placed on probation for one semester only, or placed on a continued probation based on the academic plan for success that they submitted with their appeal.

The student's approval email/letter will explain all requirements that must be met during his/her probationary period to continue as a Bacone student and to receive financial aid. A student who fails to complete a single course or has a complete withdrawal from the college after receiving financial aid may be automatically placed on suspension.