20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


6.15. Leave of Absence Status

A student, who finds it necessary to leave Bacone College voluntarily due to personal or professional reasons, may apply for Leave of Absence Status (LOAS) of up to 180 days in a 12-month period.  LOAS assures the student of readmission to the College without further paperwork or review by Admissions. Upon return, the student may continue his/her academic studies by retaking the specific courses previously enrolled in, or their equivalent in total credit hours, at no additional expense.  In addition, the student may choose to re-enter the College under the academic catalog in effect at the time the LOAS was granted or may elect to enter under the current catalog. Students under full-time study may change to a later catalog at any time.

The Office of Financial will explain to a student that is a Title IV, HEA program loan recipient, the effect that failure to return from the leave may have on the student's loan repayment term. A student requesting a Leave of Absence Status must submit a completed, signed, and dated LOAS application prior to the requested leave time.

The LOAS application is available online at www.Bacone.edu as well as at the Office of Academic Affairs and the Registrar's Office and must be approved by the Office of Academic Affairs. The College’s Business Office will approve the disposition of the student’s financial obligations (if any) at the time of application for LOAS. (Tuition and fees are the only expense reassigned to the next full-term semester. Room and Board charges are exempt from the LOAS Policy, and follows the tuition refund time frame as stated in the Bacone College Catalog.) “LA” will appear on the student’s transcript designating the Leave of Absence Status.