20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


6.6. International Students

Students from nations outside of the United States are welcomed at Bacone College. Admissions counselors are happy to assist with the necessary steps required to study in this country. Application procedures for international students are as follows:

Complete and submit the Online Application for Admission form along with the required application fee.

Submit official copies of all secondary, college and university work, including examination scores in English. All documentation must be submitted with a Review of Credentials from an approved agency. Official TOEFL scores of 500 (paper based Exam), 173 (Computer Based Exam), or 61 (Internet Based Exam) successful completion of 12 weeks of study, or achievement of Level 9 at an approved English Language Center are required of applicants from nations in which English is not the official or spoken language. International applicants from nations where English is the official language are required to submit official ACT or SAT I scores meeting established admission criteria.

Submit affidavit of support and official bank statements.

The Office of Academic Affairs reviews international applications for admission. If accepted; international students must submit a $7,500 deposit in US currency and have a US sponsor guarantee the cost of one academic year. Upon receipt of the deposit and guarantee, a SEVIS I-20 and Letter of Admittance will be issued to the student. The SEVIS I-20, Letter of Admittance, bank statements, transcripts, passport and other supporting documentation must be presented to the nearest American Embassy or U. S. Consulate for processing. To remain “in-status” as an F-1 student, international students must follow all regulations pertaining to the issuance of the SEVIS I-20 as stipulated by the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service and Bacone College. International students are required to pay all charges (including tuition, room, board, fees) prior to the start of each semester.

All International students shall be required to take a full course load (12 credits) and be residential students. International students may appeal to the President for exceptions to these requirements as allowed by immigration statues.