20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


6.3. Admissions Standards

The Office of Admissions will offer a Letter of Admittance to applicants who have a completed Admission’s file and have met the minimum standards of admissions established by Bacone College.  Established minimum requirements are defined as:

High School Graduates:   Grade Point Average of 2.0 or higher, ACT composite of a 18 (SAT I= 860, and Class Rank of top 50%.

Non-Traditional High School Graduates:   GED score= 50 (500 on new tests), ACT composite of 18 (SAT= 860).  Students who are Home Schooled must have an ACT composite of 18 (SAT=860).

College Transfer:  12 Earned Hours or more- 2.0 GPA Cumulative.