20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



SME 1003

Introduction to Sport Management

3 Hours

This course introduces students to sport management, both as an academic major and as a professional endeavor.



SME 2113

Sport Facility Management

3 Hours

The purpose of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the planning and management of sport facilities. The course will focus on elements of planning, design, and management, while examining functions related to maintenance, security, operations, and evaluations.


SME 3003

Governing Bodies in Sport

3 Hours

This course is designed to gain a familiarization with the major components of the bodies that govern sport competition.  The bodies include:  recreational associations, the High School Activities Association, the NAIA, and the NCAA.  International bodies such as the International Olympic Committee, FIFA, and the European sport governing bodies will also be explored.  Comparative studies will be conducted to establish the relationship between these bodies and how they affect each other.


SME 3103

Ethics in Sport Management

3 Hours

This course is a study of ethics in the business of the sport management. This course will take you through one of largest industries in North America. We will discuss the different philosophies, ethics, and morals in the sport management world. We will look at the different aspects of ethics in different sport management situations.



SME 3113

Sport Marketing

3 Hours

This course is designed to provide the sport manager with an overview of the major marketing issues facing the sport industry.  Course content focuses on developing basic knowledge and understanding of sport marketing and sponsorship for educational, recreational, and professional settings. This course provides a foundation for marketing in most sport settings.


SME 3203

Coaching and Sport Pedagogy

3 Hours

General techniques and concerns dealing with the coaching of an athlete will be covered.  A specific focus will be placed on effective pedagogical skills in coaching, including feedback, use of practice time and fundamental techniques of sport skills. 


SME 3213

Sport Communications

3 Hours

This course is a study of communication in the world of sport.  Through the examination of key research, current trends, industry demands, and the organizational value of sport communication, students will gain a general grounding in the diverse areas the field offers for both academic study and professional practice.


SME 3403

Organization and Administration of HPE and Athletics

3 Hours

This course is designed and taught as a preparatory informative course to assist future athletic, health fitness, and physical education directors in the art of administration. Prerequisite:  PED 1002 or PED 1003.


SME 4113

Sport Law

3 Hours

This course examines the fundamental relationship between law and sport focusing on legal issues facing players, coaches, sport administrators, and the sport industry.  Issues such as Title IX, mergers in sport, the rights to players, agents and teams are discussed.


SME 4303

Exercise and Sport Psychology

3 Hours

This course approaches the subject of coaching from an organizational and psychological viewpoint.  It develops and explores the psychological and philosophical attitudes of prospective coaches.


SME 4403

Site Observation in Sport as a Business

3 Hours

This course will consist of a variety of specific settings where students can observe and research various aspects of corporate sport fields or sport peripherals used in the business profession.  Students will learn to compare and contrast these settings in regard to their demands and expectations from a Christian world-view perspective.  May be taken as an alternative to SME 4501-4506 in combination with another approved elective. 


SME 4501-4506

Internship in Sport Management

1-6 Hours

This course involves putting into practice those things learned in academic preparation.  An internship site will be determined by the student's future goals.  The internship may be set up in a variety of different areas such as coaching, sport administration, sport information, facilities management, sport marketing, etc.  The internship will consist of 240 hours, which is equivalent to six credit hours.  Prerequisite:  2.25 overall GPA and permission of internship.