20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



SOC 1113

Introduction to Sociology

3 Hours

This course is designed to give a general survey of the field of sociology and its newer developments as well as to acquaint the student with the theory and fundamental process of the subject.   


SOC 2113

Social Problems

3 Hours

A study of the prominent social problems present in the world.  Special emphasis is placed on American society and on comparing and contrasting different cultural value systems and their approaches to social problems.


SOC 2213

Introduction to Social Work

3 Hours

An introduction to the profession of social work, including its purpose, systems of social welfare (e.g. child welfare, corrections, family services, mental health) and methods. 


SOC 2223

The Family

3 Hours

A course dealing with family-life education.  The study of human relationships including marriage, individual adjustment, family adjustment, children in the home and values in democratic community living.    



SOC 2231-2253

Special Studies in Sociology

1-3 Hours

A variety of course offerings providing the opportunity for the student to study designated topics and problems in sociology.  Offered when warranted by student interest.


SOC 2333

Social Psychology

3 Hours

This course examines the major theoretical and research traditions in social psychology, including behaviorism, social exchange theory, symbolic interactionism, attribution theory, expectation states theory, cognitive dissonance theory, role theory, group dynamics and norm formation, social power and influence, emergence of group structures and inequalities, and socialization processes.


SOC 3103

Family, Schools, and Community

3 Hours

This course focuses on developing knowledge and understanding of the importance and role of families, schools, and communities in the lives of children and the implications for practice in working with children birth through age eight. The course will also focus on developing skills in the application of knowledge in the field.