20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



REL 1003

Introduction to Christianity

3 Hours

Students will gain an understanding of the basic ideas of Christian theology, doctrine, and faiths as they are understood and practiced throughout the world.  Subjects covered will include Christianity’s Jewish roots, the life of Jesus, origin and development of the Christian New Testament, messiahship of Jesus the Christ, the Trinity, the priesthood of all believers, denominationalism, and contemporary Christian traditions, including the American Baptist Church and its contributions to the founding and operation of Bacone College.  All personal religious views will be respected.  BACONE CORE


REL 1013

Sociology of Christianity

3 Hours

Sociologists define religion as “a system of beliefs and rituals that bind people together to what they consider sacred.”  Sacred things are those that evoke an attitude of awe and reference.  This course looks at what Christians consider sacred, such as the Bible, the Trinity, the Christian church and ritual sacraments.  Additionally, the course examines how sacred Christian rituals and beliefs have impacted society throughout the past millennium.  All personal religious views will be respected; students will learn the commonly-held beliefs of Christians, the basic differences in beliefs among the three major movements within Christianity (Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Protestantism), and to identify these various Christian beliefs as they appear in the world today.  BACONE CORE


REL 2253

World Religions

3 Hours

This course surveys the beliefs, values, and worldviews of human beings.  By examining the six major world religions that shape our world, students will discover the common and unique aspects of each religion.  By the end of the semester, successful learners will understand and respect the differing religious beliefs of others who share our world. BACONE CORE


REL 3113

Christian Ethics

3 Hours

Christian Ethics is an upper division class devoted to the study of Christian ethics and a brief survey of some contemporary moral issues.  We will begin with a short study of the origin of Western and Christian ethical traditions, then study Christian teachings as they pertain to the issues of love, justice, liberty, sin, and salvation.  We will move on to study controversial moral issues such as world views, humanist vs. Christian euthanasia, biomedical issues, abortion, the family, sexual ethics, and the distribution of health care resources.  We will attempt to survey a number of issues within the framework of Christian ethical concerns and morality.  BACONE CORE