20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



PSY 1113

Introduction to Psychology

3 Hours

An introductory course designed to develop an understanding of the basic principles underlying human behavior.  The subject matter, methods, and techniques of scientific psychology are presented.  Emphasis is placed on heredity, environment abilities, learning, remembering, perception, observation, thinking, motivation, emotions and the basis of personality formation and development. 


PSY 1123

Psychology of Personal Adjustment

3 Hours

Studied from the viewpoint of personal needs, social relationships, individual differences and characteristics of satisfactory adjustment.  Factors involved in social vocations, school, family and marriage adjustment will be analyzed and considered.  Class 3 hours.



PSY 1283

Child Development (Birth-8 Years)

3 Hours

To present a general survey of child growth and development solidly based on psychological and social theories and instructive in the practical aspects of child development.  The study of children, birth-8 years, and their relationship with others, with emphasis on meeting fundamental needs in daily living.  Specific areas to be covered are: physical, biological, social, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual.


PSY 1601

Lifelong Learning I

1 Hour

Lifelong Learning, which comes at the end of the degree program, gives students an opportunity to celebrate and demonstrate their achievement and application of knowledge in a personal learning. 



PSY 1603

Lifelong Learning II

3 Hours

Lifelong Learning, which comes at the end of the degree program, gives students an opportunity to celebrate and demonstrate their achievement and application of knowledge in a personal learning. 


PSY 2023

Developmental Psychology

3 Hours

A study of the developmental processes from conception to death with emphasis on the social, emotional, and cognitive changes that occur throughout the life-span.  Significant research and theory and their application will be reviewed.  Prerequisite: PSY1113.


PSY 2123

Group Dynamics

3 Hours

A combined instructional and experiential based course focusing on the dynamics of guidance, counseling, and therapy groups and the methods and techniques involved in leading such groups.


PSY 2222

Human Relations

2 Hours

Designed to encourage the student to develop greater self-awareness culminating in sensitivity to others (individual and society) and their needs.  The teaching method used in the classroom will necessitate active student participation in a group setting.


PSY 2251-2253

Special Studies in Psychology

1-3 Hours

A variety of course offerings providing the opportunity for the student to study designated topics and problems in psychology while developing elementary skills in research and human relations.  Offered when warranted by student interest.



PSY 2313

Human Sexuality

3 Hours

This course focuses on the understanding of human sexuality from behavioral, cultural, and psychological perspectives.  The course will include anatomy, physiology, and sexual behaviors with an emphasis on healthy sexual adjustment throughout the human life-span.


PSY 2323

Psychological Aspects of Multicultural Education

3 Hours

A study of the needs of culturally diverse children, the factors of influence that characterize the child’s environment and an intensive examination of realistic approaches by parents, school, and community to aid one in reaching individual maximal potential in America’s highly urbanized technological society.


PSY 2513

Art Therapy

3 Hours

This course will: provide accurate, up-to-date, and factual information about drugs and alcohol; provide experiential art activities that will aid in gaining coping strengths that may include: communication, decision making, refusal, problem solving, and critical thinking; use the art therapy process to gain a better understanding of oneself as well as family dynamics and the various cultures; explore transference and counter transference in the treatment of alcoholism utilizing art therapy. 


PSY 3603

Human Growth and Development

3 Hours

This course is a study of the human development from conception through adolescence.  Emphasis is placed upon the developmental phases of children and adolescents and the interrelationships among various aspects of development  physical, cognitive, emotional, social, and spiritual  and emphasizing the many factors influencing development.