20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


24.34. MUS - MUSIC

MUS 1103

Music Appreciation

3 Hours

Students gain background knowledge necessary to understand “art” music through listening, lecture, and research.  Class includes a 1-hour listening lab each week.


MUS 1112

Fundamentals of Music

2 Hours

Notation and terminology, major and minor modes, intervals and chord construction.  Not to be taken by students with credit in high school music theory or equivalent competence. Offered when warranted by student interest.


MUS 1122

Piano Class

2 Hours

Beginning instruction in piano.  A fundamental study of the piano keyboard, piano technique, music reading in treble and bass clefs, and basic music theory.  To be taken by students with no previous piano study.  Class 2 hours and 3 hour practice lab.  Offered when warranted by student interest. 


MUS 1131

Bacone Band

1 Hour

Offers a student with previous musical instrument training opportunities to play a variety of music at various performance activities on and off campus. 


MUS 1141

Bacone Choir

1 Hour

Students gain experience in a vocal music ensemble.  Experience is helpful, but not mandatory.  The Bacone Choir performs several times each semester during Bacone Hour and occasionally at off-campus sites in the immediate Muskogee area.   Class meets two hours weekly.   May be repeated for credit.  Some scholarship funding may be available for new students.  Interested prospective students should contact Admissions for further information.




MUS 1153

Musical Production

3 Hours

An introduction to the staged musical production, the staging process, and stage direction.  Class 3 hours, extensive labs. Offered when warranted by student interest.


MUS 1371-1372

Applied Piano or Voice

1-2 Hours

One thirty-minute private lesson per week with 5 hours practice will earn 1 semester hour credit.  Two 30-minute private lessons per week or one 60-minute private lesson per week with 10 hours practice will earn 2 semester hours credit.  Applied music may be repeated for a total of 6 hours in voice or piano. Semester performance examinations for each student enrolled in applied music required. By permission of instructor only. Offered when warranted by student interest.