20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



MDI 3113

Principles of Medical Imaging Sciences

3 Hours

An expanded and detailed overview of the underlying principles of medical imaging sciences and associated modalities, including historical developments of the profession



MDI 3213

Digital Imaging Principles

3 Hours

An introduction to basic principles of digital imaging with emphasis on digital radiography, computed radiography, digital fluoroscopy, Picture Archiving and Communication systems (PACS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Hospital Information System (HIS) and associated equipment. Prerequisite: MDI 3113


MDI 3323

Advanced Radiobiology and Radiation Protection

3 Hours

A detailed study of the effects of ionizing radiation on human at the atomic, molecular, cellular, tissue, systemic, and organismic levels, with emphasis on radiation protection principles and practice. MDI 3113


MDI 3413

Quality Management in Health Care

3 Hours

A study of the concepts of quality control, quality assurance, and total quality management in medical imaging and healthcare institutions. Course will emphasis techniques and guidelines for designing, implementing, evaluating, and improving quality management practices in healthcare and medical imaging departments.


MDI 4113

Public Health Services in Contemporary Society

3 Hours

A study of the history and development of public health services, with emphasis on the regulation, financing, supply, demand, and the methods of delivering health services in contemporary society.


MDI 4123

Medical Imaging Administration and Supervision

3 Hours

A study of the principles of organization, management, and leadership, as they pertain to the administration and supervision of a medical imaging department. Prerequisite: MDI 3113


MDI 4213

Clinical Instruction and Mentoring

3 Hours

An introduction to the principles and practice of clinical education through discussion of relevant educational philosophies. Purpose is to stimulate participants' involvement in the teaching, supervising and mentoring of medical imaging students in a clinical environment.





MDI 4222

Medical Imaging Seminar

2 Hours

A course that provides a forum for the discussion, exploration and analysis of current issues and trends in the medical imaging profession.  Seminar discussions encompass diagnostic, therapeutic, clinical education, administrative, management, supervisory and other issues.  Prerequisite:  MDI 3113 and MDI 4113


MDI 4313

Introduction to Research

3 Hours

An introduction to basic quantitative and qualitative research design and methods used to investigate phenomena in medical imaging and allied health professions. Prerequisite: MDI 3113.


MDI 4323

Special Studies in Medical Imaging

3 Hours

A course that gives participants the opportunity to investigate a phenomenon or conduct a detailed literature survey on a given topic or area of interest in the medical imaging and allied health professions.  Prerequisite: MDI 4313


MDI 4324

Advanced Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology

4 Hours

A study of regular and cross-sectional anatomy, in addition to normal physiology and pathophysiology of selected body systems


MDI 4403

Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management

3 Hours

A course that provides a forum for discussing ways to prepare emergencies and how to respond and manage crisis situations. The course also discusses the challenges that confront health services organizations, public/private officials, and community leaders as they prepare in advance to provide effective responses to unfolding emergency crisis.