20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



MKT 2283

Principles of Marketing

3 Hours

An introduction to marketing function of a business organization, analysis of environmental factors influencing marketing decisions with special regard to types of markets and market opportunities; primary emphasis on study of managerial factors and processes used to plan and control marketing action.


MKT 2513

Buyer Behavior

3 Hours

Theory and research on explaining and predicting consumer and organizational buying behavior.  Course examines concepts that have implications for marketing management decisions.  Prerequisite:  MKT 2283.


MKT 3113

Marketing Research

3 Hours

Examines marketing research methods and techniques used in the collection and interpretation of primary and secondary data. Hands-on experience is gained through participation in one or more research projects. Prerequisite: MKT 2283.



MKT 3213

Marketing Channels

3 Hours

Theoretical concepts of marketing channel (distribution) structure and management and their practical applications. Prerequisite: MKT 2283.


MKT 3313

Retailing Management and Promotion

3 Hours

Management and operation of retail firms. Emphasis on location analysis, pricing, inventory control, merchandising and promotion. Prerequisite: MKT2283.



MKT 3413

Sales Management

3 Hours

Theory, principles, and practices of sales force administration for manufacturing, wholesaling, and service enterprises. Topics include recruiting, training, compensation, and performance appraisal. Prerequisite: MKT2283.


MKT 3513

Strategic Marketing Management

3 Hours

Development, implementation, and control of the marketing plan. Short and long run perspectives are considered equally important. Prerequisite: MKT2283.


MKT 4113

Marketing Management

3 Hours

A managerial approach to the study of such key decision areas as advertising, distribution, pricing and product development as well as other concepts and activities that facilitate exchange and build relationships between buyers and sellers in the environments of business and non-business organizations. Prerequisite: MKT2283.

MKT 4213

Business-to-Business Marketing

3 Hours

Focuses upon the scope and nature of marketing in an industrial or business-to-business context.  Prerequisite:  MKT2283.


MKT 4313

Advertising Management

3 Hours

Evaluation of elements for the effective development, implementation, and management of advertising campaigns.  Experience in making decisions will be gained via cases, campaign development exercises, and/or computer simulation.  Prerequisite:  MKT2283.


MKT 4413

Purchasing Policies and Procedures

3 Hours

Purchase of materials, supplies, and equipment for industry, government, and other institutions.  Organization for purchasing, internal requisitioning, and stock control.  Prerequisite:  MKT 2283.


MKT 4496

Professional Practice Internship in Marketing

6 Hours

Professional experience in a business environment for qualified students.


MKT 4513

International Marketing

3 Hours

This course is designed to create an understanding of the global marketing environment and develop marketing strategies across national boundaries.  The political, economic, and cultural variables, which influence such strategies, are identified.  Recent cross-cultural research and real world cases clarify concepts and their applications. Elementary Algebra is an introductory course for students with little or no background in algebra.  Topics include signed numbers, evaluation of algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities, polynomials, factoring, and graphing points and lines.  Prerequisite: Fundamentals of Math or appropriate score on placement test.  This course carries no credit toward graduation.