20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



MGT 2223

Principles of Management

3 Hours

This course is an orientation to Bacone College facilities, campus protocol, available services, and management as a career. It is a course that explores the impact of management techniques on organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Topics include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. 


MGT 2323

Human Relations in Business

3 Hours

Behavior oriented course designed to explore interpersonal relationships in the work environment. Prerequisite: MGT 2223.




MGT 3113

Small Business Administration

3 Hours

How to start a business, with emphasis on the assessment of business opportunities and on the development of operating plans. A sophisticated business plan is developed within task groups from concept through all elements of a professionally written business plan. Prerequisite: MGT 2223.



MGT 3213

Business Organization and Management

3 Hours

Organization theories and the role of managers as leaders. Planning and control systems, decision-making, and human considerations. Prerequisite: MGT 2223.


MGT 3253

Business Statistics

3 Hours

Application of statistical concepts to decision problems confronting organizations and individuals. Includes descriptive tools, probability concepts, sampling processes, statistical inference, regression, and nonparametric procedures. Prerequisite of junior classification. Prerequisite: MTH 1513


MGT 3313

Production and Operations Management

3 Hours

Operations of production plants. Methods analysis and work measurements, inventory control, quality control, facilities layout, machines, and maintenance. Prerequisite: MGT 2223; MGT 3253


MGT 3323

Human Resource Management

3 Hours

Principles and procedures relating to human resources management, including staffing, appraisal, training, compensation, and other programs for business and other organizations. Prerequisite: MGT 2223.


MGT 3333

Labor Relations Management

3 Hours

Managing employment relations and work conditions. Emphasis on negotiating, administering labor agreements, and impact of collective bargaining on managerial practices. Prerequisite: MGT 2223.


MGT 3343

Quality Control Management

3 Hours

Introduces the basic concepts and models used in quality management. Emphasis is placed on the organizational and behavioral dimensions of a quality management program. Prerequisite: MGT 2223.


MGT 4113

Organizational Behavior and Leadership Theory

3 Hours

Emphasis is on leadership and motivations as directive functions of management that are instrumental for achieving high quality performance and organization member satisfaction. Techniques for enhancing one’s individual leadership skills are utilized. Prerequisite: MGT 2223. Must be junior/senior standing.


MGT 4203

Change Management

3 Hours

The course emphasis is on identifying the need for change, designing change, deploying change and
evaluating the impact of change.


 MGT 4303

Strategic Planning

3 Hours

This course emphasizes strategic planning processes and focuses on setting strategic objectives and developing strategies for implementing those objectives. The course teaches students the building blocks of strategic planning and introduces students to the contested theories of how to develop and implement plans.


MGT 4313

International Management

3 Hours

Managerial decision making for planning organizing, and controlling the functions, operations, and resources of multi-national corporations. Prerequisite: MGT 2223.


MGT 4993,-6

Business Administration Internship

3-6 Hours

Professional experience in a business environment for GPA qualified students.