20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



HPE 1121

Weight Lifting (Varsity Sports)

1 Hour

This course in weight lifting and bodybuilding is designed primarily for students participating in intercollegiate athletics and people with high physical education interest.  Class 2 hours.  Grading for this athletics course will be a CR or U instead of a letter grade.


HPE 1261


1 Hour

This course enhances the student’s knowledge of the construction and use of various bows and arrows as well as developing skill in their use.  Class 2 hours.  (Offered when warranted by student interest).    


HPE 1272

First Aid

2 Hours

This is a course in standard first aid - a study of accident prevention and personal injury.  Immediate first aid treatment of the injured will be studied and practiced through the application of bandages and splints, dressings, antiseptics and disinfectants.  American Red Cross Standard First Aid Certification will be the goal.


HPE 1321


1 Hour

This course is designed to offer training in the art of self-defense and the sport aspects of karate.  It includes instruction, demonstration, and practice of basic skills.  Class 2 hours.


HPE 1331

Advanced Karate

1 Hour

A continuation of HPE1321 with instruction in advanced skills.  Class 2 hours,


HPE 1341

Racquet Ball

1 Hour

This course includes study of the techniques and skills of racquetball necessary for the future teacher.  In teaching situation student will demonstrate knowledge of techniques, concepts and skill analysis.  Prerequisite:  Intermediate skill in activities included in course.  Class 2 hours.


HPE 2111

Varsity Sports

1 Hour

Credit will be received through participation in any of the following varsity sports: baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross-country, football, golf, rodeo, soccer, softball, track, volleyball, wrestling.  Class daily.  Grading for this athletics course will be a CR or U instead of a letter grade.