20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



ESE 2103

Foundations of Health, Physical Education, and Exercise Science

3 Hours

This is an introductory course dealing with the historical and philosophical approaches to exercise science, health, and  physical education."


ESE 2112

Personal Health

2 Hours

This course is designed to provide a personal appreciation, understanding, and awareness of good health practices and well-being by analyzing the causes and effects of major health problems in our society today.


ESE 2433

Special Studies in Exercise Science

3 Hours

This course is an independent study course for Exercise Science majors. It provides experiences reading and analyzing scientific literature in exercise science and related areas. When applicable, students will help host campus fitness events and work in the laboratory to learn about equipment and testing. 


ESE 3102

Consumer, Environmental, and Community Health

2 Hours

This course is designed to allow students to apply knowledge of how to use risk assessment, critical thinking, goal-setting, and decision-making skills to make informed choices about health behaviors and life style factors. Students will apply knowledge of principles and skills for accessing, evaluating, and selecting valid information, products, and services that enhance health. In addition, students will analyze concepts, principles, and issues associated with environmental health. They will apply knowledge of the role of community, private, and public services and agencies in supporting safe and healthy communities. Students will analyze the influence of society, culture, and the media on personal, family, and community health. (Prerequisite: ESE 2112 Personal Health)


ESE 3114

Exercise Physiology I

4 Hours

An overview of the study of anatomical mechanical phenomena including major organs and tissues, and how they are affected by human motion and the study of the biological and biochemical processes associated with exercise and the underlying function of cells and organ systems in the human body. Prerequisite: CHM 1364, BIO 2134 requirements for ESE majors only.


ESE 3124

Exercise Physiology II

4 Hours

The study of the biological and biochemical processes associated with exercise and overload that affects the underlying function of cells and organ systems. Advanced study of applications of physiological mechanisms and how they respond to acute and chronic exercise in a wide variety of intensity, duration, and frequency. Prerequisite: ESE 3114 and CHM 1364.


ESE 3303

Wellness and Fitness

3 Hours

A study of the various lifestyle areas that influence one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. A major focus of the course is directed toward an individual awareness of ways to better develop these lifestyle areas in a positive manner and to strive toward a balance lifestyle.


ESE 3403

Prevention and Care of Injuries

3 Hours

This course is designed for Exercise Science students prospective coaches, trainers, and other professionals to assist in the prevention, recognition, evaluation, and care of athletic injuries.  Lecture and lab sessions will focus on taping methods and the rehabilitation of injuries.  


ESE 3513


3 Hours

This course is designed to give students an understanding of how the human body moves anatomically and mechanically and then be able to apply the principles learned to improve movement.  


ESE 3603

Strengths and Conditioning Certification Preparation

3 Hours

This course covers basic anatomy and physiology and the training effect, basic muscle anatomy and physiology, basic kinesiology and biomechanics, strength theory, conditioning theory, basic sports nutrition theory, training muscle mass, sports and fitness exercise, Olympic lifting for athletes, weight training technology, special topics in sports and fitness training, sports medicine, and organizing your sports conditioning plan and program. 


ESE 3703

Personal Training Certification Preparation

3 Hours

This course includes basic anatomy and physiology and the training effect, muscle anatomy and physiology, basic kinesiology and biomechanics, strength theory, fitness theory, training systems and applications introduction, basic fitness nutrition theory, weight technology, sports and fitness exercises, flexibility exercises, communication skills development, special topics in sports and fitness training, and exercise programming for special populations.


ESE 4113

Administration of Exercise Prescription

3 Hours

A comprehensive presentation of the administrative philosophies and techniques as they apply to a variety of health and fitness vocations. Management environments such as fitness, healthcare, and education will be studied, along with principles of leadership in each area. Prerequisite: ESE 4213 and ESE 3114.



ESE 4203

Health and Fitness Specialist Preparation

3 Hours

This course will provide a detailed overview of the competencies covered within a Health and Fitness

Specialist Certification review course. This course will prepare the student to attempt the American

College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) Health and Fitness Specialist (HFS) certification by

incorporating ACSM's Exercise is Medicine (EIM) global health initiative throughout this text prepares

the HFS to become uniquely qualified to work with medical professionals to ensure that all patients

and clients are participating in a physical activity program. Coverage of assessment and programming

for both healthy and special populations and extensive content about behavior change allows the

Health Fitness Specialist to provide program options for varying types of clients. Prerequisite: ESE 4213


ESE 4213

Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription

3 Hours

A detailed overview of methods of physical assessment and exercise prescription and a critical examination of their relevancy, reliability, and validity. A research project will be conducted and statistical data analysis performed for proper interpretation. Specific applications of fitness assessment tests will be made and corresponding prescriptions for exercises, training regimens, and activities will be designed for fitness enhancement. Lab required. Prerequisite: ESE 3114


ESE 4951-3

Senior Capstone Project

1-3 Hours

Enhances students' critical thinking and problem solving ability in issues and topics related to exercise science. This Capstone experience can take the form of a project, research, or another course. May be taken in conjunction with ESE 4993- 4996 Internship. Enrollment is restricted to senior exercise science majors or with advisor permission.


ESE 4993-6

Exercise Science Internship

3-6 Hours

This course provides an opportunity for students to experience and observe specific environments and vocations in the areas of exercise science, medicine, management, therapeutic/fitness modalities, educational environments or other related fields. An internship site will be determined by the student’s future goals. The internship will consist of 120- 240 hours, which is equivalent to three to six credit hours.

Prerequisite: Advisor Approval and as specified in the Internship Handbook