20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



ECN 2113

Principles of Economics

3 Hours

An introduction to modern macroeconomic and microeconomic theory including economic analysis of national production, employment and income, business cycles, monetary and fiscal policies, analysis of supply and demand, the price system, and the basic types of market situations.


ECN 2513


3 Hours

This course introduces economic analysis of individual business, and industry choices in the market economy. Topics include the price mechanism, supply and demand, optimizing economic behavior, costs and revenue, market structures, factor markets, income distribution, market failure, and government intervention. Upon completion, students should be able to identify and evaluate consumer and business alternatives in order to achieve economic objectives efficiently.


ECN 2613


3 Hours

An introduction to fundamental concepts of macroeconomics with emphasis on supply and demand, national income, unemployment, inflation, causes and consequences of business cycles, fiscal and monetary policy, economic growth, and international trade.


ECN 3513

International Economics

3 Hours

This course intends to orient students about the functioning of the international economy. It defines the theoretical principles that govern international trade. In addition, we study empirical evidence of world trade patterns and trade policies of the industrial and developing countries. After explaining international logistics fro trading functions, this course addresses macroeconomic policy in an open economy and international banking system.