20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



CIS 1113

Fundamentals of Personal Computing

3 Hours

An introductory skills course in major software applications used in professional environments: word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, database, and electronic communications. Additionally, the computer operating system, data storage, and file management are addressed.


CIS 2113

Information in Modern Society

3 Hours

Introduction to the history of computers, computer and network organization, principles of ethical utilization. Hands-on experience utilizing a variety of computer software tools including word processing, databases management, graphics, spreadsheet, and Internet applications.


CIS 2223

Fundamentals of Information Technology

3 Hours

Introduces students to the academic discipline of IT, including IT themes: IT history: Organizational issues; Relationships of IT to other computing disciplines; Introduces students to a general purpose programming language.


CIS 2233

Computing Platforms

3 Hours

Basics of computer operating systems, including configuration, file systems, security, administration, interfacing, multitasking, performance analysis. Hands on exposure to commonly used Operation Systems and to system and network administration.


CIS 2313

Data Structures and Algorithms

3 Hours

A study of fundamental algorithms and data structures include searching and sorting techniques, effective storage methods, encryption, compaction, and graph theory. Prerequisites:  CIS 2373 and CIS 2553


CIS 2373

Functional Programming

3 Hours

Introduces students to the basics of programming, including data structures, programming constructs, algorithms and problem solving, event-driven programming, and recursion. Prerequisite: CIS 2223


CIS 2443

Introduction to Website Construction

3 Hours

Basics of the design, construction and publication of websites. Basic work with graphics and multimedia as they relate to web pages.


CIS 2553

Networking and the Internet

3 Hours

Builds a deeper understanding of how networks work, including the topics of LANs, WANs, service providers, communication protocols, network design and management. Prerequisite: CIS 2223


CIS 2661

Website Production

1 Hour

A hands-on lab involved in the development and maintenance of the Bacone College website. Combines technical skills including the use of web page development tools and the development of graphics with personal skills including relationship building with subject matter experts and with clients. May be repeated for credit. Permission of instructor required for enrollment. Prerequisite: CIS 2443


CIS 3213

Technology Application in Business

3 Hours

Development of advanced skills in widely used personal application software as applied in the business environment.


CIS 3313

Software Systems and Design

3 Hours

The design of computer-based solutions to individual and organizational problems. Involves an analysis of subsystems, user interfaces, hardware/software selection and evaluation, and system implementation; explores interface between systems and individuals and systems and organizations.  Prerequisite:  CIS 2233


CIS 3383

Object Oriented Programming

3 Hours

Programming techniques in object-oriented programming, including data abstraction, inheritance, polymorphism

and dynamic object creation. Emphasis will be placed on the reusability of objects and focus on object concepts

as they deal with future program maintenance. Prerequisite: CIS 2373


CIS 3393

Web Programming

3 Hours

An introduction to the programming of highly portable applications and applets, scripting for dynamic web pages and client side programming languages.


CIS 3413

Human Computer Interaction

3 Hours

Human factors in systems design; Human-centered evaluation; Developing effective interfaces; Emerging technologies; Human-centered software; Accessibility. Prerequisite: CIS 3313


CIS 3513

Information Systems and Security

3 Hours

Security mechanisms; Fundamental aspects; Security services; Information states; Threat analysis model; Vulnerabilities; Attacks; Policy; Operational issues; Forensics; Security domains. Prerequisite: CIS 3313


CIS 4113

Management Information Systems

3 Hours

Responsibilities of management in the creation, control, and utilization of information systems that support managerial decision-making.  Requirements; Acquisition/ sourcing; Integration; Project management; Architecture; Teamwork concepts and issues; Intellectual property; Organizational context. Prerequisite: CIS 3213


CIS 4213

Database Programming and Management

3 Hours

Builds a deeper understanding of how databases work, including the topics of database theory and architecture, data modeling, normalization, query languages, security, and Web applications specific to typical business environments. Prerequisites: CIS 2373 and CIS 3213


CIS 4323

 Topics in Information Systems

3 Hour

Emerging or advanced topics in the development of information system applications The specific topic may vary from semester to semester, as may the associated course prerequisites. This course is repeatable for different topic.


CIS 4513

Operations Research

3 Hours

Methods to describe and analyze large-scale decision problems. include linear programming and network formulations, the simplex algorithm and its computer implementation, sensitivity analysis, duality, network algorithms, and dynamic programming.  Prerequisite: CIS 3213