20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog



COM 1103

Basic Photography I

3 Hours

Novice students learn photography fundamentals, including theoretical and practical experience in shooting a 35mm camera while incorporating digital processing. Students must furnish film, pay for digital processing, and either furnish their own single-lens reflex manually operated camera with interchangeable lenses, or make a $20 refundable damage deposit (see instructor for details). Extensive lab required.


COM 1113

Media Culture

3 Hours

Students gain insight into a variety of media outlets through a brief overview of their historical backgrounds and the role each has played since its origin. Class discussions include the digital age, newspapers, magazines, books, radio, the recording industry, television, movies, advertising, public relations, social issues, and ethics. Students will learn how the media affects them and society directly. Potential areas examined include multiculturalism, digital technology, the Internet, media as propaganda, social impact and consequences of an audio-visual public, etc. This course fulfills the LIT requirement of the Guided Liberal Arts Electives.



COM 1123

Media Writing

3 Hours

Students learn the basics of the journalistic processes of gathering, writing, and evaluating a variety of news stories, including interviewing techniques, writing leads, structuring a story, and polishing a story. Primary emphasis is on written articles required for The Baconian, the campus newspaper, including feature stories, personal columns, sports, reviews, and news stories. An extensive lab in the Baconian newsroom is required; successful students will have a minimum o five stories published during the semester. Qualifying Baconian staff members will be paid for their assistance with the student newspaper.


COM 1133

Media Design and Layout

3 Hours

For Journalism majors or students interested in any print media production. Through responsibilities as staff members of The Baconian, students learn basic skills to identify, gather, write, and verify news for print media, photography and advertising. Other skills covered include copy and photo editing and digital formatted desktop publishing on MacIntosh computers. Extensive lab required. Qualifying Baconian staff members will be paid for their assistance with the student newspaper. Prerequisite: COM 1123 or permission of instructor.


COM 1203

Basic Photography II

3 Hours

This continuation of Basic Photography I introduces more advanced techniques in digital photography, including instruction in Adobe’s Photoshop 7, composition, a photo’s dominant center of interest, a variety of camera angles, and the importance of pre-visualizing an intended image of a photo. Extensive lab. Students must furnish film, pay for digital processing, and either furnish their own single-lens reflex manually operated camera with interchangeable lenses, or make a $20 damage deposit on a school-owned camera (refunded at the end of the semester if the camera is returned in good shape). Prerequisite: COM 1103 equivalent or permission. Class 3 Hours; extensive lab.


COM 2013

Introduction to Communication

3 Hours

This course is an introduction to the field of communication with emphasis on the history of communication study, concepts important to all areas of communication, the contexts in which communication occurs, and the issues that must be faced by students of communication.


COM 2014

Media Production I w/Lab

4 Hours

A hands-on introduction to the tools, technology, and processes involved with the television studio production process and television news program production and presentation. The course will provide an overview of studio production techniques necessary to be effective at entry level in a broadcast station or production facility. Additionally, the course will introduce basic to intermediate techniques how to produce a current affairs “wrap-around” program from where an on-camera person leads in and out of story packages. The PRODUCTION I course builds upon the foundation of COM2003 INTRODUCTION TO MASS MEDIA and expands students’ skills in hands-on production and on-camera presence. The COM2014 PRODUCTION I is a 4 credit course that requires students to complete laboratory experience that illustrate the principles studied in COM2014 PRODUCTION I class.


COM 2103

Media Production

1 Hour

An introductory course which provides multimedia instruction to create content for convergent media and audiences. This course teaches principal skills to prepare students to publish in audio, photo, print, video and web converged platforms.


COM 2113

Advanced Media Writing

3 Hours

A continuation of COM 1113, this class includes writing experience on longer features, editorials, and interpretive news articles. Students participate in production of college newspaper. Emphasis is placed on news gathering techniques, skill improvement in speed, accuracy and clarity in writing, and meeting deadlines. Prerequisite: COM 1123.





COM 2123

Social Media

3 Hours

The course teaches individuals how to create a social media campaign, and how to analyze and present data to address organizational issues and make appropriate business decisions. ... You will also learn how to build social media strategies and tactics, build and manage campaigns, and develop social media content.


COM 2133

Media Production II

3 Hours

This course introduces students to documentary production. Students will learn basic principles of non-fiction storytelling with emphasis on the aesthetic, intellectual, and ethical considerations involved in this cinematic form. Prerequisite: COM 2103.



COM 2141

Media Production Workshop

1 Hour

Students gain hands-on experience on The Baconian student newspaper through three possible options: [1] a special project, coordinated with instructor; [2] those interested in working on The Baconian but who are unable to take COM 1123 or COM 1133 due to unavailability of hours; [3] advanced students who have completed COM 1123 and COM 1133. May be repeated for credit. Qualifying Baconian staff members will be paid for their assistance with the student newspaper. Extensive lab required. Permission of instructor required.


COM 2213

Introduction to Broadcasting

3 Hours

Students gain familiarity with the field of broadcasting through a comprehensive introduction to wire services, television, radio, the Internet, and related careers. Designed for those planning to pursue a baccalaureate degree in Journalism, the course covers preparation of consistent and readable copy for broadcast news; common broadcast news language and jargon; organizational flow of informative stories; coverage of a variety of events; live broadcasting; and the ethics and laws associated with broadcast news


COM 2553

Christian Film

3 Hours

This course allows the student to apply the basics of film analysis, cinematic elements, genre, and narrative to artistic films with a Christian theme.


COM 2773

Digital Storytelling ADOBE

3 Hours

This course teaches the student how to apply the principles of great storytelling in the use Adobe creative tools to create impactful digital stories which can be used effectively in all subject areas, allowing students to improve their communication skills and digital literacy while learning key content objectives.


COM 2883

American Indian Film

3 Hours

This course critically examines the portrayal of American Indians in film, including art films, cinema, documentaries and works by Native filmmakers.  The course also aims to strengthen student skills in writing, speaking and reading critically and effectively in peer group and independent projects.


COM 3223


3 Hours

This course introduces the neophyte screenwriter to the basic elements of the screenwriting craft with special emphasis on the screen treatment and provides him/her with a forum of instructor/peer review of his/her work. Cross listed ENG 3553


COM 3693

Digital Broadcasting

3 Hours

This course explores the interactivity and narrative of digital media through the creation of audio and video projects as a tool for seeing, exploring, expressing and social critique – an examination of the principles of storytelling across a range of digital media formats, with attention to techniques for creating story-rich projects. Prerequisite: COM 2013


COM 4333


3 Hours

This course aims, broadly, to provide a foundation in understanding the relationship between society and technology, with a focus on digital, social communications media. Prerequisite: COM 2013


COM 4363

Advanced Communication

3 Hours

This course emphasizes advanced forms of written, oral, visual, and electronic communication. Prerequisite: COM 2013