20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog




BUS 2113

Business Communications

3 Hours

Communications practices in business. Communication skills will be improved through solution of practical business writing problems. Prerequisite: ENG 1113.


BUS 2123

Business Mathematics

3 Hours

Practical application of the principles of mathematics to the various phases of business. Prerequisite: ACT Math score of 14 or equivalent.


BUS 2143

Business Law I

3 Hours

The law of contracts, agency, partnerships, and corporations.


BUS 3113

International Business

3 Hours

This course provides the knowledge of theory and practice in international business. The subject matter will help to lay the foundation for a better understanding global business. Prerequisite: MGT2223, MKT2283, and ECN 2113


BUS 3213

Business in Multicultural Environment

3 Hours

Business operations in multicultural environment.  Relationships between the business process and social attitudes, values, ideologies, and customs with special emphasis on Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Prerequisite:  BUS 3113.


BUS 3313

Entertainment, Hospitality, & Tourism

3 Hours

This course provides a rigorous investigation of private for-profit commercial recreation, event, and tourism businesses. It explores consumer leisure behavior, trends, products, and services and their implications for managers and entrepreneurs. You will learn about and apply management and marketing strategies and techniques used by some of the best commercial recreation enterprises. You will help develop a business plan for a commercial recreation, event, or tourism enterprise. You are expected to work outside the classroom to complete projects.


BUS 4013

Business Ethics

3 Hours

This is an applied ethics course focused on the application of moral decision making to various ethical dilemmas.  This course provides a framework of basic principles for systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior.


BUS 4113

Business Law II

3 Hours

The law of property, sales, secured transactions, commercial paper, trusts, wills, insurance and property. Prerequisite:  BUS2143.


BUS 4553

Quantitative Methods in Business

3 Hours

This course is designed to provide the student with an introduction to the concepts and techniques of differential and integral calculus from a practical perspective placing a primary emphasis on applying the concepts and techniques of the calculus to problems in business and economics. Prerequisite: MTH 1513


BUS 4954

Problems in Business

4 Hours

Integration of the decision-making processes involved in each of the major functional areas of business.  Senior capstone classification. Enrollment is restricted to senior business majors or with the consent of instructor.


BUS 4993-6

Business Administration Internship

3-6 Hours

The purpose of a student internship in an educational program is to test classroom concepts in a real life situation and to report on the results of the classroom/interning experience. The format is to be seen as skeletal and is usually sufficient for Internship reports. It is advisable to keep a daily/weekly log of all activities.