20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog


21.3. Bachelor of Art in Christian Ministry

Bacone College is well known for its contributions to Christian ministry in both the general and American Indian cultures.  The mission of the baccalaureate degree in Christian Ministry is to provide the theological foundation needed for those individuals committed to work in the field of mission and ministry.  The program design focuses on the opportunity to engage in practice while learning.  This postmodern approach of reflection in action is thought to be essential for preparing students to minister in our fast paced global society.


Students seeking this degree will have a variety of courses available to prepare them for a life journey that involves serving humanity through a church related setting.  Christian ministry studies concentrate on the development of certain basic skills useful for both lay and ordained leaders.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Christian Ministry degree programs of Bacone College is to prepare Christian leaders who will know the Word and the world and be able to bring them together to the spreading of the Kingdom of God. Students who complete this program will  know the  Christ and be able to present the Christ to a  multi-cultural, multiethnic World. This degree is designed for students seeking to serve God through church and para-church ministries as well as for those pursuing a ministry of advanced Biblical scholarship through graduate studies in seminary. The Christian Ministry Bachelor Degrees are four-year, 124-hour program that provides a solid foundation in General Education, Bible and Practical Ministry. The program is a marriage of academic preparation and practical, hands-on experience that encourages learning by doing and reflection on experience. 


Objectives of the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry Degree

·       To assist the student in discerning a personal call to ministry and setting a plan for carrying out that calling

·       To form the student spiritually to live faithfully by submitting to the authority of Scripture as a guide for living

·       To help the student to develop an integrated Christian worldview by critically interacting with history, culture, ethics, and sciences

·       To provide the student with the tools to exegete the message of the Old and New Testaments and present that message in a multicultural, multiethnic environment

·       Develop skills in leading, teaching, worship, and practical ministry in a multicultural, multiethnic setting through academic training and practical experience


The following course of study is recommended for those wishing to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries Degree. Students are encouraged to choose from among the broad variety of course choices available, in consultation with the adviser, to provide the most benefit for the student’s future goals.


Recommended Course Sequence for Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry Degree


First Year Fall Semester      

CLE 1103        First Year Seminar     

MTH ___3      College Algebra or Math Structures (3 cr. Hrs.)

ENG 1113       English Composition I          

REL 1003        Introduction to Christianity   

MIN 1103       Introduction to Christian Ministry     

15 Credit Hours         


First Year Spring Semester

ENG 1213       English Composition II

SPC 1713        Speaking & Thinking Critically

MIN 1123       Principles of Biblical Research and Writing

MIN 1143       New Testament Literature

AIS ____3       American Indian Studies (3 cr. Hrs.)

________2      General Elective (2 CR HR)

17 Credit Hours


Second Year Fall Semester  

_______4        Science w/lab (4 CR HR)      

MIN 1223       Old Testament Literature       

AES 2003       Creativity: Treasuring the Arts          

_______2        General Elective (2 cr. Hrs.)  

_______3        Liberal Arts Guided Elective  (3 cr. Hrs.)      

15 Credit Hours         


Second Year Spring Semester

MIN 1213       Life of Christ

REL 2253        World Religions

MIN 2313       Pedagogy

MIN 2233       Contextualized Ministry

HIS ____3       History (3 cr. Hrs.)

________2      General Elective (2 CR HR)

17 Credit Hours


Third Year Fall Semester    

MIN 3993       Internship I    

REL 3113        Christian Ethics         

MIN 3123       Postmodern Christianity        

_______3        Christian Ministry Elective (3 cr. Hrs.)

LOGIC 3213  Introduction to Critical Thinking and Informal Logic

15 Credit Hours         


Third Year Spring Semester

MIN 3313       Homiletics

MIN 3213       Studies of the Gospels

MIN 4996 Internship II

________3      Christian Ministry Elective (3 cr. Hrs.)

15 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Fall Semester  

MIN 4313       Church Administration          

MIN 4993       Internship       

________3      Christian Ministry Elective (3 cr. Hrs.)         

________3      Christian Ministry Elective (3 cr. Hrs.)         

________3      Christian Ministry Elective (3 cr. Hrs.)         

15 Credit Hours         


Fourth Year Spring Semester

_______6        Capstone (6 CR HR)

MIN 4996       Internship

_______3        Christian Ministry Elective (3 cr. Hrs.)

15 Credit Hours


124 Total Credit Hours for the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry Degree