20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog

20. Division of Teacher Education General Information

20.1. Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

The Bacone College Elementary Education initial licensure program consists of coursework and field experiences leading to a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  This program provides a broad academic background and the specific professional education knowledge and skills necessary to prepare teacher candidates to teach children in First through Eighth Grades.


Many courses have extensive fieldwork and are taught at public school sites.  Such clinical experiences enable the teacher candidate to observe and assist in school classrooms throughout the college experience.  Full-time student teaching provides guidance and support from experienced cooperating teachers and a college supervisor as teacher candidates assume responsibility for planning and teaching in an elementary, intermediate or middle school classroom.  With a degree in Elementary Education, students can pursue other teaching areas.


Course Sequencing for Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education


First Year Fall Semester

ENG 1113       English Composition I

MTH 1513      College Algebra

CLE 1103        First Year Seminar

COM 1113      Media Culture

BIO 1114        Human Biology

16 Credit Hours


First Year Spring Semester

ENG 1213       English Composition II

MTH 1713      Geometry

AIS_____3      American Indian Course

GPS 1114        General Physical Science

SPC 1713        Speaking/Thinking Critically

16 Credit Hours


Second Year Fall Semester

PED 2002       Educational Technology

ESE 2112        Personal Health

PSC____3       American Government

REL____3      REL 1003, 1013, 2253, or 2513

MTH 2003      Math Concepts I

_______4       Science Elective (4 hrs)

17 Credit Hours


Second Year Spring Semester

PED 1002       Introduction to Education

PED 2102       Legal Issues in Education

ECH 2003       Creative Experience and Play (Meets Core for Art)

MTH 3003      Math Concepts II

PED 3003       Foundations of Education

PSY/SOC        Psychology or Sociology Elective

HIS ____         History Elective


19 Credit Hours


Third Year Fall Semester

REA 3003       Children's Literature, Literacy, and Technology

REA 3203       Literacy Development and Assessment I

PED 3113        Multicultural Issues in Education

PED 3203       Education of the Exceptional Child

PED 3303       Classroom Behavior Management     

15 Credit Hours


Third Year Spring Semester

PED 3103       Educational Psychology

REA 3203        Literacy Development and Assessment

AES____       Aesthetics

LOGIC 3213   Introduction to Informal Logic and Critical Thinking

_____ 3 Spanish/Foreign Language

15 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Fall Semester

ELE    4003     Language Arts in Upper Elementary

ELE    4103     Integrated Curriculum and Assessment

ELE    4203     Social Studies Methods

ELE    4303     Science Methods

ELE    4403     Math Methods

15 Credit Hours


Fourth Year Spring Semester

ELE 4115        Elementary Student Teaching (Grades 1-3)

ELE 4125        Elementary Student Teaching (Grades 4-8)

PED 4202       Educational Seminar

12 Total Hours


125 Total Credit Hours for Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education