20-21 Bacone College Academic Catalog

20. Division of Teacher Education General Information

Admission Requirements

All students in the Division of Teacher Education majoring in a degree program that leads to teacher certification are called Teacher Candidates.  Teacher Candidates in the Department of Education complete the process of Admission to Teacher Education. Complete a minimum of 45 hours of college credit with a CGPA of 2.5 or higher. (2.75 or higher CGPA required starting 6/1/15 for entry and exit from the program)


  • Demonstrate proficiency in written and oral English as indicated by having a grade of  “C” or higher in English Comp I, English Comp II,  and Speech.    
  • Complete PED 1002 and PED 3003 with a grade of “C” or higher.
  • Pass the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) with a score of 240 or higher.
  • Receive an acceptable criminal background check. 
  • Receive two (2) Recommendation and Disposition Assessments from General Education Faculty. Scores must be at a developing proficient or proficient levels as indicated on the Faculty Recommendation Form.
  • Pass Portfolio Checkpoint # I at a developing proficient or proficient level for all required submissions.
  • Submit documentation of experiences working with children.
  • Submit a typed biographical essay which includes why you want to be a teacher and their first and second philosophy of education.
  • Complete an Application to Teacher Education.           
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills and an understanding of DOE’s Conceptual Framework during a formal interview with the DOE Executive Education Council.
  • Receive a formal letter of approval for admission from the Director of Admission to Teacher Education. Admission to Teacher Education permits you to take DOE courses marked with an asterisk.


Teacher Candidates must also meet all requirements at each candidate checkpoint beyond admission to teacher education. Upon successful completion of Bacone College’s teacher preparation program and receiving passing scores on the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET), the Oklahoma Specialty Area Test (OSAT) and the Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE), teacher candidates may apply for an Oklahoma state teaching license in the area of their certification. The license may be converted to a teaching certificate upon the successful completion of a residency year of public school teaching.

A passing score on the OGET in the area of initial certification is required for student teaching and graduation. A passing score on the OPTE is required before a recommendation is made for teacher licensure. Teacher candidates are responsible for paying for their licensure testing. Consult the State Department of Education for current costs.


Graduation Requirements

 A minimum of 124 credit hours and 2.5 CGPA are required to graduate. (2.75 or higher CGPA required starting 6/1/15 for entry and exit from the program) All Professional Education and Specialization Courses must have a grade of "C" or above. The Oklahoma General Education Test must be taken and passed in order to graduate. As of July 1, 2010 early childhood and elementary majors must pass with a minimum of 70% on the Oklahoma Reading Instruction Exam.


The Department of Education is accredited through the Office of Education Quality and Accountability (OEQA) and the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Teacher Education Programs

Bacone College offers initial certification in one program, Elementary Education.

Teacher Education Mission

The philosophy of Bacone’s Department of Education rests on the belief that “Teachers Make the Difference.”   This is our theme statement. It is the belief of Bacone’s Department of Education that teachers must believe that all students have intrinsic value; that all students can learn; and that all teachers can teach.  Consistent with the vision of the founding father and the current mission of the college, the specific mission of the unit is to prepare highly qualified teachers, particularly from under-represented ethnic groups and especially from American Indian tribes, who truly make the difference in the classroom and in the lives of their students through…

  • Outstanding scholarship and rich knowledge base
  • Appreciation of and adaptation to diverse learners

·      Community involvement as it relates to education

  • Professionalism and high ethical standards

Thus the overall theme of the unit is TEACHERS MAKE THE DIFFERENCE through four components:  Scholarship, Diversity, Community, and Professionalism.

Checkpoints in Teacher Education – Students matriculate from declaration of the major to initial certification in three checkpoints, with a fourth after graduation and working as a teacher for one year.  Each checkpoint has key indicators of success which are summarized below:


Criteria for Success

Checkpoint One Admission to Program

Freshman and Sophomore Year

2.75 GPA

Passing the OGET

Faculty Recommendations for Scholarship/Dispositions

Successful Field Placements

Entry Interview

Checkpoint Two – Program Candidate

Junior and Senior Year

2.75 GPA

Faculty Recommendations

Successful Field Placements

Checkpoint Three – Clinical Teaching

2.75 GPA

Exit Interview

Checkpoint Four – Post Graduation

Supervisors Review

Program Completer Survey


Department of Education enrollment requirements:

All students in the Department of Teacher Education majoring in a degree program that leads to teacher certification are called Teacher Candidates. Teacher Candidates in Education complete the process of Admission to Teacher Education after 45 hours of college credit, a minimum of CGPA of 2.75, a minimum grade of "C" in English Composition I, English Composition II, and Speech, and a passing score on the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET).  Admission to Teacher Education is required for many of the required Professional and Specialization Courses. For a complete listing of the admission requirements for Education please visit with the Department Chair of Education.